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The Jumbo Package │11.21.14

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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Alabama Men's Basketball Drops Southern Miss, 81-67 - ROLLTIDE.COM

"It was a great win tonight for our guys," said Alabama head coach Anthony Grant. "With Southern Miss coming in, we knew the history and tradition of their program and how hard those guys play. I’ve known (head coach) Doc (Sadler) for a long time, and I know that he’s a heck of a coach, his guys are always going to come in and compete. They shot the ball really well to start the game from the three-point line. I though our guys did a good job from a defensive standpoint, outside of the three-point line. I thought we did a good job of keeping them off the glass and did a good job of contesting their shots."

Roll Tide!


Nick Saban Total Pay $7,160,187 +

1,614,335 from Previous Year

But look at who is #2...

On the Beat: Alabama QB Blake Sims' running thrives because of its quality, not quantity |

Sims ran twice for 20 yards and threw once for 13 on his first possession, which ended with a 3-yard Eddie Lacy touchdown. Early in the third quarter, Sims navigated a 10-play, 61-yard drive in which he ran five times for 47 yards -- the last 5 coming on a touchdown run -- and didn't complete a pass.

"Blake has ability to throw the ball, but he gets real antsy sometimes, especially in the pocket," Saban said after the game. "I think the experience today probably would help him, but all in all I thought he did a pretty good job.

Earlier in the season I would have thought Sims would need to pass more to prove he could pass but now, with just two games left in the regular season and one being a must win, Sims needs to do what it takes to win. If he sees open field in front of him, take the easy yards and move the chains, especially in the 2nd half.

Speaking of the 2nd half..

SEC slant: Alabama Crimson Tide's problem letting off the gas - ESPN

But from the third quarter on, things change. In the second half of games, Alabama dips to an average of 11.5 points. It dips to 52nd nationally in yards with averages of 101.8 yards rushing and 98.7 yards passing. And that wouldn’t be so bad if the Tide didn’t go three-and-out so much: 15 times in the second half Alabama has gone three-and-out, a number that ranks 81st nationally. Alabama wins the turnover battle at plus-five in the first half. In the second half, that balance becomes minus-two.

I don't know if it's letting off the gas or defenses making 2nd half adjustments, but these quick three and outs while the opposing offenses are churning out yards and points ain't gonna cut it when and if this team makes the playoffs.

Week 13 college football picks: USC at UCLA, Boston College at FSU; more |

The final few weeks of the 2014 season are here. So, which teams will stay in contention for an inaugural playoff berth?

Horrible slate of games this weekend but a potential upset could be BC over FSU.

Along with a solid defense, BC has the 12th ranked rushing offense at 264 yards a game while FSU ranks 36th in rush defense. Problem is BC has a horrid pass offense but if they can take advantage of FSU's weak inside run defense and depth issues at defensive line/linebacker, they may be able to wear down the 'Noles in the 2nd half.

Jon Voight will play Alabama's Paul 'Bear' Bryant in 'Woodlawn' movie |

The movie focuses on former Alabama Crimson Tide and Miami Dolphins running back Tony Nathan, and it takes place during Nathan's junior and senior seasons at Birmingham's Woodlawn High School, when a spiritual awakening helped unite the Woodlawn football team following the forced integration of the school. One of the key scenes in the movie is the 1974 game between rivals Banks High School and Woodlawn High School, which drew about 42,000 fans to Legion Field to see Woodlawn's Nathan and Banks' Jeff Rutledge play in a match-up of  unbeaten teams.

John Swofford Shows How You Shouldn't Argue For a Larger College Football Playoff - Team Speed Kills

We had two teams in a championship event (and it was a real championship event, whatever critics want to say), but there were frequent disputes over who was No. 2 and who was No. 3 -- so we went to four teams. Now, there are going to be disputes over who is No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6. Go to eight teams, and there will be disputes about who is No. 8, No. 9 and No. 10. If you use that as a reason to go to No. 16, then there will be an unhappy team at No. 17, etc. It's literally a solution that never ends

Not to mention that you'd further lessen the importance of the regular season, if you go to 8 team,  two losses means you're in and one loss means you can ride out the end of the season and sit players, like you see in the NFL. That to me would ruin the game much quicker than if you didn't allow #5 or #6 into the playoffs.

What separates good businesses and billion dollar industries is having something that no one else has. CFB, with all its warts, has the greatest regular season of any sport. So unlike college basketball, the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, soccer, etc which are built around the postseason, every week in college football, sans for maybe two or three, is a playoff week. Take that away and you're just a watered down version of the NFL, and that is not good for business.

Oh, and Swofford is only saying this because there is a potential that FSU, with one loss, would be ineligible for the playoffs. But don't blame the committee Sworf, or the rest of the country, blame yourself and the piss poor football conference that is the ACC.

How Alabama's Blake Sims and veteran teams like Mississippi State are changing college football |

The idea that only "the best teams" deserve a playoff spot That, to me, is a tired phrase left over from the BCS era that we can retire. In its place, let's insert the phrase "most deserving teams," and not get too caught up on an intangible, hypothetical standard of greatness. We'll let the playoffs sort out who's best. Specifically, I'm thinking that one-loss champions of major conferences should have a huge advantage in getting in the playoffs over one-loss non-champions. That means the winner out of Baylor or TCU in the Big 12 should have an advantage over, say, Mississippi State. If it's close -- and that's a key phrase -- the advantage should go to the team that won a conference championship.

Shut up. You sound like the parent that wants every kid on the team to get a trophy so that little johnny, who is a terrible player and eats dirt between innings, doesn't get his feelings hurt.

Alabama CB Cyrus Jones knows his size isn't scaring WRs, earns respect with 'scrappy' play |

Jones had his second interception of the season Saturday defending Wilson in the end zone as Alabama beat Mississippi State 25-20. He was in Wilson's face all afternoon, even when Dak Prescott completed eight passes to the 6-foot-5 receiver from Birmingham for 91 yards. "I thought De'Runnya last week was going to be talking a lot of trash, but he really wasn't so I was surprised by that," Jones said. "I just think I got his respect from the beginning and he knew it wasn't going to be no easy game."

Can Alabama Afford To Lose? | FiveThirtyEight

Could Alabama, the new No. 1, remain in the top four if it loses one of its remaining games?