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Alabama Running Back Success Rate: Game 11

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What were you guys expecting?

Your time is coming.
Your time is coming.
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I played organized basketball all the way through the eighth grade, and I was a manager throughout high school. I've been around the game for the majority of my life. At every level with which I've been involved, the coach would make it a point that we get a sweat going during warm-ups. Getting all the pregame jitters out during pregame (and not the actual game) was the objective. Western Carolina made sure that Alabama was sweating during Iron Bowl warm-ups. They didn't just lay down and let Alabama do whatever they wanted. The Crimson Tide actually had to go out and execute.

T.J. Yeldon, as I predicted, did not play in Saturday's game against Western Carolina due to a nagging ankle injury. After what I saw what happened to arguably our three best players (Amari Cooper, A'Shawn Robinson and Cameron Robinson), I was pretty content with him staying on the bench, far away from the carnage. Hopefully the team is at 100% (or at least close to it) before playing the team on the other side of the state this week. They're going to need to be.

For the first time reader, the success rate tracks the frequency at which a running back has "successful" runs. A successful run is when a runner gains 40% of the remaining yardage on first down, 60% on second down, and 100% on third and fourth down.

School Player Carries Successful Carries Yards Yards per Carry Success Rate
Alabama Derrick Henry 12 9 92 7.7 75.0%
Alabama Tyren Jones 11 7 75 6.8 63.6%
Alabama Altee Tenpenny 11 6 64 5.8 54.5%
Alabama Buddy Pell 2 2 15 7.5 100.0%
Arkansas Alex Collins 23 8 79 3.4 34.8%
Arkansas Jonathan Williams 20 11 81 4.1 55.0%
Auburn Cameron Artis-Payne 24 16 129 5.4 66.7%
Georgia Brendan Douglas 12 5 66 5.5 41.7%
Mississippi State Brandon Holloway 10 7 66 6.6 70.0%
Mississippi State Ashton Shumpert 14 10 57 4.1 71.4%
Missouri Marcus Murphy 19 8 82 4.3 42.1%
Missouri Russell Hansbrough 15 6 68 4.5 40.0%
South Carolina Brandon Wilds 16 9 77 4.8 56.3%
South Carolina David Williams 12 9 65 5.4 75.0%
Tennessee Jalen Hurd 11 4 40 3.6 36.4%
Vanderbilt Ralph Webb 11 1 14 1.3 9.1%

People, when I tell you that there's nothing to see here, I'm completely serious. Playing your backups against an FCS team while using probably about 20% of the playbook is never a good situation from which to formulate an opinion. Derrick Henry could have shut up a lot of people if not for that fumble, but I'm not too worried. It was nice to see Tyren Jones and Altee Tenpenny get some carries. Also, shout out to Buddy Pell for leading the nation in success rate. What do you mean "enough" carries?


1) Missouri won't die. They will go into a hostile environment and have their starting quarterback complete under 50% of his passes. Their two best running backs will combine for 4.4 yards per carry at a 41.2% success rate. They will miss two extra points. And now they will go into their game against Arkansas one win from repeating as SEC East champions in the same season where they lost to Indiana at home. Will they get wrecked in Atlanta for the second year in a row by whomever survives the West? Most likely. But give credit to Gary Pinkel and staff for keeping the wheels on this season from falling off. Again: Indiana. At home. Seriously.

2) ARKANSAS DEATH MACHINE NOW ACTIVE. I eventually expected Arkansas to get a win in conference play, and, if not, at least to play better. After suffocating LSU, they let the full force of #BERT rain down upon poor Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss. I'm not sure this Alabama team would have survived a trip to Fayetteville this late in the year. It's almost like they said, "Oh, that's what it's like to win? That was easy. Let's bring that intensity up to 11 next week though." And soon, you realize that Brandon Allen, Alex Collins, Jonathan Williams, and 4/5 of their starting offensive linemen are returning next year. That chill you felt creep up your spine? That's the whole state of Arkansas reminding you about 2015. Gonna get dirty up in here, folks.

The SEC-FCS Challenge typically doesn't typically provide many headlines, and this year's was no different. But we have officially made it to rivalry week. Georgia gets a much improved Georgia Tech team in Athens! South Carolina prepares to get the pants beaten off of them in Clemson! Missouri is about to play Arkansas in a game I'm predicting will be the funniest SEC game of 2014! The Egg Bowl of the Century that will ultimately be a meaningless game! Florida plays at Florida State in a possible upset alert!  Probably not!

Other than the Iron Bowl (because DUH) which game are you looking forward to the most? Is it going to be weird watching LSU play at Texas A&M on Thanksgiving? (THANKS BIRMINGHAM) Does anyone else realize that when Tennessee waxes Vanderbilt, they'll be bowl eligible for the first time since #DooleyPants? Leave anything in the comments! Okay, not anything. Kids are watching. And, as always, thanks for reading!