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SEC Power Poll Week Fourteen

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A ho-hum week 13 leads us into the best weekend of the regular season, Rivalry Week

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This past weekend was the annual SEC-SOCON showdown, with Rivalry Week fast approaching. Thus, there wasn't much action that happened on Saturday. However, Arkansas shredding what is left of Ole Miss actually left us with some movement in the SEC hierarchy. We are down to the last weekend of the regular season (believe it or not), so enjoy what little we have left folks.

1. Alabama. The Crimson Tide actually had the worst cupcake game of the week. Not in the "choke on a cupcake and lose" kind of way, but definitely in the "slam the cupcake into your knee for hours until you bleed" kind of way. Just when we thought Auburn's luck had run out a bit, six different Crimson Tide players got hurt the week before the Iron Bowl. Fortunately, most of them seem like they will still be ready to go.

2. Mississippi State. Spent the week beating the ever-loving out of Vanderbilt's dead corpse. I heard they turned everyone under the age of 17 away at the gates.

3. Georgia. The Bulldogs of the East were unstoppable against Charleston Southern, for whatever that's worth. Georgia Tech is suddenly looking like the second best team in the ACC, so that should be a fun one.

4. Auburn. I have nothing nice to say about this team this week.

5. LSU. The Bayou Bengals didn't show up for that Arkansas game, and even they didn't get stampeded on like the Rebels did.

6. Arkansas. I honestly thought about putting the Razorbacks fourth on this list. If we are talking about right now at this very point in the season, I don't think anyone wants a piece of this team. This team is an old school SEC bulldozer right now. Alas, I can't ignore that 2-5 conference record.

7. Ole Miss. Remember when Ole Miss fans wanted us to kill the "Bad Bo" moniker?

8. Missouri. Yes, they currently lead the SEC East, but this team has still not shown me that they are deserving of being any higher than this. Beating Tennessee by a touchdown doesn't warrant moving up.

9. Texas A&M. The Aggies have been a perplexing team this year, I'm not so sure the SEC shouldn't just throw them in the East.

10. Tennessee. Another tough loss for the Vols, but an easy win over Vandy will get them back to a bowl game. I still think this is an East contender in 2015.

11. South Carolina. The Gamecocks have fallen short on every goal this season save one: extend that win streak over Clemson to six. You bet these guys come out fired up next Saturday.

12. Florida. Please let Muschamp beat FSU on his way out.

13. Kentucky. The Cats are down to one last chance at a bowl game.

14. Vanderbilt. Do Vandy fans even watch the games any more?