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Playing "Nice": And the Valley Shook

A candid chat with THE Billy Gomila of great import but little consequence.

Must be free ice cream day in Baton Rouge.
Must be free ice cream day in Baton Rouge.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The HMFIC of And the Valley Shook (Master Chef Billy Gomila) and I took turns being all existential and stuff. No drugs were involved. And if there were, it was none of your business.

My responses to their questions are here.

Their responses to ours are below. Enjoy, and Reauxll Tide!

Which book of the Bible would be the most fun to hear Les Miles translate, and why?

There's a lot of options here. I mean I'm sure Les could give us a great take on the Lord's want for Adam and Eve to partake or abstain in certain fruits of which trees in the Garden of Eden. But I think Les is always at his best being forceful, so give me Exodus. You know that Moses, he put up a quality effort to get his people free. Really fought like heck. There was a staff that was an important piece. Gosh, such an important piece.

Is Louisiana suffering an identity crisis, now that so many other states are surpassing you on the political corruption index? Bonus Question: What position would Kevin Spacey play on your team?

Oh you sweet summer children. Our corruption has gone so mainstream we're going nationwide if Edwin comes to Washington. The rest of y'all will always be playin' catch-up ball on that front.

And Kevin Spacey is clearly cut out to be an offensive coordinator. Think a couple steps ahead, and there's Kirby Smart begging to know what's in the box.

Political pundits are comparing the Democrats collapse in the Senate to Little Big Horn and to 1/9/12. Seeing as how the Democrats started "on the other side of 50," can you comment about how this is unfair to Custer?

Look, we tried to warn them about putting Jordan Jefferson in charge of the DNC.

F/M/K - Brady Hoke, Paul Pasqualoni, Mark Richt.

I mean I'm pretty sure Mark Richt only gives you the middle choice there. Pasqualoni has to be into some kinky stuff, and I have Michigan friends so I'll do them a solid and take out the long-lost Golic brother.

Leonard Fournette leaves Baton Rouge on a track headed northeast at 25 miles per hour. Derrick Henry leaves Tuscaloosa on a track southwest, also at 25 miles per hour. Assuming no wind, how close will they be to colliding before Coach Miles calls his fourth time out? And would there be anything better than a handshake agreement that Fournette and Henry play both ways, all day long?

T.J. Yeldon probably beats them both there, but Alabama fans will just complain that Henry has to be given a couple extra head starts by the next person starting the race. And given that y'all kept trying to talk Fournette into playing linebacker, I'm just going to assume that's a ploy to lessen his effectiveness on offense. Which might be the smartest idea y'all have had yet!

Thanks for playing, kind sir...