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The Jumbo Package │12.04.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban's coaching job at Alabama this year might be his best ever - ESPN

Regardless of what preseason polls said, Alabama has no business being here today, ranked No. 1 the week of the SEC championship game, a stone’s throw away from the top seed in the College Football Playoff. All those votes cast in June and July were hinged on the arm of a transfer quarterback and a coach who had won four national championships since 2003.

I don't know if this is Saban's best coaching job ever (to date) but it may end up being just that if he wins a national title with this team.

A rebuilt secondary, two new starters at OL, three losses on the defensive line and another two at linebacker (oh and don't forget losing two safeties). Add to that uncertainty and inexperience at QB and what this team has accomplished so far is nothing but amazing.

University of Alabama to review 'Dixieland Delight' usage at athletic events, Battle says |

"We regularly review all songs played at our athletic events," Battle said in an emailed statement. "As part of that review, "Dixieland Delight" will be discussed. It is always our goal to represent the University with class in every endeavor, and the behavior of our fans is an important element in that effort." Bryant-Denny crowds traditionally add their own PG-13 lyrics after certain lines in the song, but fans seemed to take it to a new level during the Iron Bowl -- a constant chant of "F--- Auburn" can be heard throughout the majority of the song.

I would never join in with the crowd during this particular chant but as always #FAU

Rumors: Nebraska Talking to Bret Bielema About Head Coaching Job - Team Speed Kills

It looks like Bret Bielema, the ever-outspoken BERT, might be negotiating with Nebraska to take their head coaching job, according to the often-reliable

This would be a smart hire, in my book. Bret would return the Cornhuskers back to the glory days of ground and pound type football, something they can easily recruit for in a state that isn't known for producing elite level talent. (much like Wisconsin and Arkansas)

Jim McElwain, Florida Gators 'on hold' due to Colorado State Rams buyout - ESPN

There's one huge problem: CSU is not budging on McElwain's $7.5 million buyout, and Florida refuses to pay the entire amount, sources said Wednesday night. "At this point, any potential deal is on hold until there's some sort of resolution with the buyout issue," a source said.

I wonder what Jim was thinking when he signed a deal with COLORADO STATE that included a 7.5 million dollar buyout?

Alabama, Florida State would easily be top-2 teams with old BCS system |

Since the Harris poll no longer exists, and the Jeff Sagarin and Kenneth Massey computers are back to using their native systems, rather than the ones they modified for the BCS, it is impossible to know exactly how each team would rank down-to-the-last-decimal under the previous system.

But by using the AP poll, instead of the Harris poll, and applying Sagarin and Massey's native systems, you can get awfully close.

Following that format, 11-1 Alabama would still be No. 1, 12-0 Florida State would be No. 2, 11-1 Oregon would be No. 3 and 10-1 TCU would be No. 4. And the separation between No. 2 FSU and No. 3 Oregon wouldn't be close, as the Seminoles would have a 0.95977 BCS ranking and the Ducks would have a 0.92933 ranking.

Get rid of the playoff committee...

Bring back the BCS rankings (which got it right more often than not)....

Top four teams get in....


Side note, in my opinion, 12-0 FSU is feeling the pent up frustration from college football fans who watched for decades undeserving undefeated teams ::cough Notre Dame cough:: make the title games after playing a baby soft schedule.

Alabama's top cover corner offers insight into mental side of position after trying Iron Bowl |

"I mean, the best corners ― All-Americans, Pro Bowlers, everybody ― gets beat," the confident starter said. "It's going to happen. You just have to have a short play memory and just be ready for the next play because, I mean, you get beat and you get down and they come back at you the play after that, it's tough. So you just have to be ready for anything."

Nick Saban says Jim McElwain will do a 'great job' if he becomes Florida's head coach |

"I don't care what situation you're in - when you have relationships someplace and a team and players you recruited, it's not easy to just pick up and leave," Saban said.

"I've done that way too many times. It's just really, really hard.

"I never want to do it again, to be honest with you. I'm sure even though this is an outstanding opportunity for him, I'm sure it's very difficult as well to leave a team that won 10 games and played their heart out for you and that kind of stuff."

So we finally invented that "Saban's never going to die or retire" pill the REC has been working on since '07. Roll Tide.

SEC Power Poll, Week 15: Alabama Still on Top; Ole Miss on the Rise - Team Speed Kills

So this team seems to be peaking at just the right time. Auburn's pass defense certainly helped the cause. Their date in Atlanta with Mizzou will be closer than many people think if Bama keeps playing defense with the "bend but don't break mentality."--Arkansas Fight

Watch Nick Saban anticipate question, give spirited answer about 'magnitude' of SEC Championship |

"So I've got the same answer, it's the most important game because it's the next game," Saban said. "And it's the next game that has an importance because of what the players have created for themselves, and they've created a great opportunity to play against a great Missouri team, an outstanding Missouri team, it's a very competitive venue to play in the Georgia Dome for the SEC championship. Everybody understands that's the magnitude of the game for us, and that's what we need to make sure that we're focusing on and being prepared to get done."