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The Jumbo Package │12.05.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Roll Tide.
Roll Tide.
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Auburn Tigers game good blueprint for Alabama Crimson Tide - ESPN

Can Mizzou move the ball like Auburn? Not so much. But if that offense gets to clicking, the Tigers have the potential to score some points on an Alabama defense that gave up a season high in points (44), passing yards (456), total yards (630) and yards per play (7.0). Nick Marshall's 456 passing yards against Alabama was actually a school record for Auburn and the most Alabama has surrendered since giving up 464 passing yards to Johnny Manziel in last year's shootout win at Texas A&M.

Conventional wisdom stated to beat Alabama you had to run the ball for at least 150 yards because throwing against our defense was a fool's errand. Well, after Alabama's last four losses, that is no longer the case. If you want to beat Bama you must be able to stretch the field vertically and use an uptempo offense that tires out our defensive line. Honestly, when was the last time Alabama lost to a team that ran a traditional, pro-style offense?

LSU 2011?

What must be scary for the rest of the country is Bama now has the DL depth to keep those guys fresh against HUNH offenses. So now you have to hope beyond all hope your wide receivers and quarterback  have career days and the wide outs catch everything thrown their way..

Missouri's 'in-between' receivers will have Alabama secondary's attention at SEC Championship |

"I would call them 'in-between,'" Jones said. "They're not real speedsters like (Auburn's) Sammie Coates or those types of guys. They've got good size, they have decent speed and they know how to use that body well. "So I would call them tweeners. They aren't really going to be the eye-popping speed guys, but they've got skills to make plays when the ball's in the air."

Blake Sims finally earns spot among Bama beloved with heart, example, storybook season |

They held their breaths - and tweeted #believeinblake -- because Sims has come to be more than Alabama's quarterback. Somehow this year Blake Sims became a lesson, an example, a symbol of storybook proportions. Blake Sims is the guy they said would never make it. He is Rudy and Rocky and Seabiscuit and the Little Engine that Could.

He is the anti-Jameis, perhaps even the alter-AJ. And he wins. He wins the right way.

I realized things had changed when Sims went down with the shoulder injury against UF and Slice texted me he was "feeling sick" over the thought Sims could be seriously hurt.

Y'all remember the sites heated debates this off-season surrounding the QB battle?

Remember everyone's predictions that we were a three-four loss team with Sims as a QB?

Serdiously, the A-game seems like it happened last decade...

Reports: Will Muschamp weighing offers from Auburn, Texas A&M -

But considering Muschamp's deep ties to the college game, it seems highly likely the newly-former head coach at Florida will choose between his two SEC West suitors -- as has been widely expected since even before Johnson and Snyder were canned. Neither report expected an immediate decision on Muschamp's part, however. Of course, Muschamp could also be an interesting name for head coaching vaciencies, especially as some are set to be created with Florida, Michigan and Nebraska all seeking new coaches.

Rumors (linked in the article) say Auburn has offered 1.5 mill and A&M also has a high dollar offer out there. If I were 'Champ, I'd wait to see what head coaching offers were out there before going back to a school as a DC..

Or you know, take that money you got from UF and spend the rest of your life fishing..

Nick Saban explains why freshmen have to focus on development and 'not on immediate self-gratification' |

"If you can run three routes and you're really good at running those three routes and can get open, if you know those three routes, you can put in a guy to run those three routes," Saban said on the weekly radio show. "If you're an offensive lineman, you have to know everything there is to know because if they run one stunt and you don't block it right, the quarterback gets blown up or the running back gets blown up.

Every position is different. "Same thing on defense - you might be able to play defensive line some as a freshman because your mistakes can get covered up by the linebackers or the secondary. If you put guys in the back end and they don't know what they're doing and they bust the coverages, they're giving up big plays that are consequential to the outcome of the games.

"All positions are a little bit different in terms of how much knowledge and experience you really need to be able to contribute and play winning football."

Nick Saban senses some overlooking Missouri, says QB is 'probably faster' than Auburn's Nick Marshall |

"This quarterback is really fast," Saban said. "If everybody that the guy that we played against last week was really good scrambling, this guy is probably faster. He has actually run the ball a lot more than what we saw last week in terms of scrambling and making first downs on third down and things like that."

Mauk has run 95 times for 336 yards while Marshall has netted 780 yards on 146 attempts. He ran 13 times for 49 yards in the 55-44 Alabama win Saturday. The point Saban was making deals with keeping contain on Mauk, something that was an issue at times against Auburn.

When ends got up-field, Marshall was able to run through the gap for decent gains. "The one word that I would use how are we going to stop them: We have to play with great discipline," Saban said. "You have to disguise what you're doing and play with great discipline.  The combination of those two things will help us. When we didn't play very well in the first half last week, that's why we didn't play very well."

2014 SEC Championship: Alabama's still great, and ... Mauk's faster than Marshall? - Rock M Nation

Maty Mauk has the speed to run the ball? You mean like this?

Maybe if Mauk can run like that against the Alabama of the East Tennessee we'll see it in key situations Alabama. (BTW Jason Reese - nice block!)

Contain and set the edge. Contain and set the edge. Contain and SET THE EDGE.

2014 Iron Bowl was most-watched regular-season college football broadcast in ESPN history |

The Iron Bowl, which aired in prime time on ESPN for the first time since 2007, averaged 13.529 million viewers and a 7.4 rating. The previous ESPN record of 10.586 million viewers and a 6.3 rating was set by the 2009 Ohio State-USC game. The 2013 Iron Bowl, which aired on CBS beginning at 2:30 p.m., averaged 13.8 million viewers and posted an 8.2 rating. The 2013 Alabama-Texas A&M game, also on CBS, posted a season-high 8.6 rating.

SEC Championship Game: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Missouri Tigers -- Mutual Opponents in 2014 - Team Speed Kills

On the surface, Alabama's results (with the exception of Arkansas) appear the more impressive wins. The Tide's win over Texas A&M is arguably the most lopsided SEC match-up of 2014 (non-Vanderbilt category) and the Florida win was deceiving in the final score, as the Gators never really competed while the Tide rolled up 645 offensive yards. Missouri's most dominating win of the four games is their Florida win in which the Tigers offense accumulated a whopping 121 total yards and 20 passing yards, yet still won by 29 points. The win came after the Tigers lost two of their previous three games, and started their six-game winning streak to end the regular season.

121 total yards against UF?


Mizzou vs. Alabama: Q&A with Roll Bama Roll - Rock M Nation

We've found this week that our sister site Roll Bama Roll is home to some friendly, hospitable folks.