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Arizona Wildcats vs. Oregon Ducks
Open Thread

PAC-12 Championship Game with a lot on the line.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

#7 Arizona Wildcats

(10-2, 7-2 Pac-12)

#2 Oregon Ducks

(11-1, 8-1 Pac-12)

8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET, December 5, 2014

Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA


What is it about Arizona that shakes Marcus Mariota's Ducks to the core? Oregon's last two defeats have been at the hands of the Wildcats:

Arizona 42 #2 Oregon 16 (11/30/13): Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright was on the receiving end of a fantastic play when teammate Shaquille Richardson scooped a ball out of the air shuttling it back into play for Wright to intercept. Mariota had two interception of the night. The Wildcats ruined the Ducks' BCS dreams with the defeat.

Arizona 31 #2 Oregon 24 (10/2/14): On a Thursday evening in Eugene, the unranked Wildcats upset the Ducks when again Wright stepped up, making a big play on Mariota stripping the ball and recovering it himself to quash any hope for an Oregon comeback. Mariota lost two fumbles. He caught a TD pass on a trick play - on a questionable play that looked like he fumbled it - but had no running or passing scores.

[PET PEEVE ALERT: Scooby Wright calls himself "Scooby Wright III". Unless his father and grandfather both go by the name "Scooby", there is no need for the "III". His real name is Phillip. And now back to your regularly scheduled program.]