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Alabama Football: Nick Saban Extols BCS in Post SECCG Press Conference

Saban is happy, okay?
Saban is happy, okay?
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

During the Alabama post-SEC Championship Game Press Conference, Nick Saban spoke highly of the way the BCS chose the teams to play in the final game and I for one agree.

Like many college football fans, I was happy to hear about the four-game playoff. However, I was horrified to hear that a committee of only 13 (now down to 12) would pick the teams.

Nick Saban: "I thought the BCS did a pretty good job of ranking teams and had a pretty good criteria."

In my humble opinion, they need to get rid of the committee and go to a BCS-like selection process.The process of the CFPC is made up of the opinions of TWELVE random people - many of whom have no time to watch all the games. How busy do you think, say, Southern Cal AD Pat Haden is on a game day? Do you think he is sitting around watching games? No. ADs are preoccupied with their school from the break of dawn until late at night. Not to mention all the other sports that are going on (soccer, volleyball, swimming & diving, basketball - men's & women's).

Someone, convince me why the committee is better than anything the BCS ever did.