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RBR NCAA Tourney Pick'em

Just because we're deprived of Grantsketball doesn't mean the season is over!

Kevin C. Cox

Head over to the official invite page (or,, for inexplicable AOL users)

Group name: RBR Grantsketball Memorial

Password: rbr2k14

I used a modified scoring system, to make sure that you all man up and go with your heart in those early 4-13 matchups.

Fibonacci with early round upset bonus: Fibonacci scoring with bonus points awarded for picking any upset correctly. Heavier bonus in the early rounds to encourage riskier brackets.

Feel free to talk smack, and may the odds ever be in your favor. Maybe I can talk someone in to making a small honorifc available to the winner. Even if that is not possible, the gnashing of teeth and lamentation of your opponents -as you make their family and pride your chattel, is more than worth it.

ED: brackets are due by 12:00 Central, tomorrow, 3/20/14.