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The Jumbo Package | 03.06.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide news and notes.

Is Alabama safety Nick Perry a break out player in the making?
Is Alabama safety Nick Perry a break out player in the making?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

NCAA committee withdraws controversial proposal that would slow hurry-up offenses (report) |

Hurry-up offenses will not be slowed down next season after the Football Rules Committee decided Wednesday to withdraw a rule proposal that would require uptempo teams to wait before snapping the football, according to USA Today.

The 12-member committee informed the Playing Rules Oversight Panel its decision Wednesday to withdraw their proposal, which would have required offenses to wait 10 seconds to expire from the 40-second play clock before snapping the football. The panel was scheduled to vote on the proposal Thursday.

"This is a victory for common sense and protecting the game of football," Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin told USA Today.

HHHRRRGGGHH.  I am not nearly as upset about this rule being tabled as I am seeing garbage quotes like the one above.  How can anyone take the national stage and claim that a system in which preventing opponent substitution is not only possible, but is the key feature, is "common sense" with a straight face?

Substitution proposal tabled, but heated debate just beginning -

Now officials and coaches can exhale, stop making movie parodies and have a sensible, year-long discussion about what's best.

That's what NCAA coordinators official Rogers Redding wants. Redding on Wednesday told league coordinators that a broader discussion about pace of play and player safety awaits over the next year.

"If it is a problem, what are the appropriate ways to measure it and take steps?" Big 12 officials coordinator Walt Anderson said. "I think what they are really doing is taking steps back so they can take a deep breath and approach it from a less emotional matter, which it obviously evolved into. It surprised people that it even came up."

I do think it is possibly a good sign that the rule was tabled.  That means the rule committee knew the rule was not going to pass, but didn't want to flunk it.  Now we will get a full year of debate and analysis to try to turn the tide on this issue, in which common sense is losing decidedly.  I'll be doing my part to add to the debate with an article soon, but in the meantime, you can check out this fanpost, which hits on some of the issues that I'll be addressing.

Nick Saban says 10-second rule isn't geared to help Alabama defense: 'Why do we need an advantage?' |

Amid backlash to a proposed rule that would prevent offenses from snapping the ball within the first 10 seconds of the play clock, Nick Saban said Wednesday he's grown frustrated with his perceived role in its origin. ...

"For all of you out there that know what I'm thinking and the fact that I'm trying to create an advantage for the defense, I'm not trying to create an advantage for the defense," Saban said Wednesday in a meeting with local reporters. "I don't even think we need an advantage. Why do we need an advantage? If you look at the statistics, we've been playing better than most."

Sounds like Saban is similarly sick of all of this nonsensical backlash.  Leaked security footage from Saban's office:


A few Alabama football roster notes entering spring practice, Saban offers insight into Dee Hart departure |

--Saban said there weren't any fifth-year seniors with eligibility remaining who'll bypass it after graduating.

--Saban offered a little more insight into the Hart departure. The school didn't acknowledge it until after he was arrested in mid-February for marijuana possession and providing false information. Saban said the decision to leave the program came after the Sugar Bowl loss. He's on schedule to graduate in the spring, so he'd be eligible to play immediately at a new school. "His role on our team, and he's done a good job, is a special teams player. But he wanted to go someplace where he could have a role as running back. And we were supportive of his decision to do that."

Yet another story of evil, heartless Saban casting players aside.  On a serious note, that first part about not losing any fifth year seniors is very significant.  The math just got a bit tighter, as we added 27 guys this year, and only lost 19 guys (including transfers) so far.  Assuming we were at 85 last year (we were), We were at 84 last year, so we have 7 slots to free up by fall camp.  We have two guys that are fifth year seniors that are not starters (Anthony Orr and Wilson Love), and I would have bet anything that these guys would move on leaving only five spots left to free up.

Now that we know those two are staying, it is anybody's guess where the 7 slots will come from.

Nick Saban identifies his biggest questions entering spring practice |

"But we have quite a few players that have at least some experience at those positions, even though we lost, like safety for instance. We lost two safeties, but we've got Jarrick Williams, Landon Collins, Nick Perry's coming back, Geno (Smith) spent a year at safety so he's probably going to continue to progress. So it's not like we don't have anybody at the position."

Nick Perry is a bit of a forgotten man, but he absolutely killed it in last year's A-day game.  Look for him to make a strong push for a lasting impression in his final campaign.

Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin won't be in any hurry to name Alabama's starting quarterback |

"We're not going to be in any hurry to decide who the quarterback is," Saban said Wednesday in a meeting with local reporters. "We're going to give everybody a lot of opportunity to compete.  "You guys are going to ask me at least 1,000 times between now and the first game who's the first-team quarterback, and I'm telling you right now you're probably going to get a 1,000 'We're going to wait and see.'"

Wait, so we're not going to declare a starter yet?  SHOCKING.

Nick Saban hoping for quiet Alabama Crimson Tide QB competition - ESPN

"When AJ became quarterback him and Phillip Sims actually alternated quarters in the first two games, I think, to see who played the best," Saban said, drilling the point home now. "And it really was hard on all you guys. "I think it's important to get it right. ... And we have one candidate in this horse race who's not even going to be here until May, till he graduates where he is now. He's certainly a guy that's going to compete for the position too."

Jacob Coker. That's your starter.  If he graduates and doesn't break his arm and/or leg, Jacob Coker is the starter.  Any other outcome would be painfully unexpected.