UPDATED: Key, Engstrom Won't Return Next Season

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Confirming what many of us already considered to be the case, Senior C Carl Engstrom will not return to the team next season. Because of the medical redshirt he was given during the 2012-13 season, Engstrom was eligible to play another season for Alabama. However, because he will already graduate before then, Engstrom decided that he wanted to move on and pursue other career opportunities.

As far as next season is concerned, this was honestly an expected loss for anyone who was close to the situation. Carl will earn his degree in May, and he would like to move on to (hopefully) bigger and better things. I already went over next season's roster a few weeks ago, and I didn't include him then, so if you haven't you should go ahead and read up on that. The bottom line is that losing anybody (especially a big body that we seem to continue to be short on) is never a good thing. But it's not like Carl was tearing things up either. Whatever your expectations for next season are, they shouldn't change due to this departure. This isn't like Trevor Lacey leaving.

Anyway, I just wanted to write up a little something since this is relatively breaking news for Alabama basketball. Best of luck to you, Carl! Roll Tide


Just found out that Algie Key will be transferring as well, so add another player to the Alabama basketball body count. Key wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire either, but losing players like this is never a good thing. Let's just hope Coach Grant knows what's going on and that he is on top of this. We can't afford any more attrition.

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