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The Jumbo Package | 04.11.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide news and notes.

Kevin C. Cox

If you scroll down's page today, at one point, you'll find three out of four articles in a row are about arrests of Bama players.  YAY OFFSEASON.

Alabama linebacker Dillon Lee arrested for driving under the influence |

Alabama linebacker Dillon Lee was arrested Thursday on charges of driving under the influence.

At approximately 2 a.m., Tuscaloosa Police responded to the scene of a minor accident with no injuries in the 800 block of 31st street after it was reported one of the drivers was intoxicated. Officers found cause to charge Lee with driving under the influence.

Hate to see this from a rising star.  I was really hoping Lee would make a major impact and be a force on this defense.  He still may be, but given the depth at linebacker, any misstep could prove devastating for him.  I would expect he'll be suspended for one or two games, but the bigger impact would be if he loses some valuable reps to Reggie Ragland in the interim.  After all, this time last year, we were looking for Geno Smith to be a breakout star in 2013.  One DUI later, he slipped on the depth chart, ultimately switched positions, and ended up largely being a non-factor in 2013.  I'm not predicting a similarly precipitous fall for Lee, but I would say the role I expect him to play in '14 has suddenly become less certain.

Alabama RB Altee Tenpenny could get marijuana possession charge dropped with good behavior |

The legal ramifications of Alabama running back Altee Tenpenny's spring break arrest will be limited if he keeps it clean for a year.

Prosecutors in North Little Rock, Ark., on Thursday said they will drop Tenpenny's drug possession charge if he doesn't get in trouble in the next year. The case will remain open until then.

Sounds like a loophole?  Is this good behavior condition limited to a specific jurisdiction?  That is, would an arrest in Tuscaloosa violate the condition?  If not, then just don't go home for a year.  Seems like an easy fix.  (Or, you know, just don't get arrested if you do go home.  Either or.)

Alabama DB Tony Brown granted youthful offender status after January arrest |

After his case was delayed several times in previous months, the legal process is over for one of Alabama's top football recruits.

Tony Brown, the 5-star cornerback who enrolled at UA in January, was granted youthful offender status Thursday stemming from his Jan. 19 arrest. Tuscaloosa city attorneys refused to comment on the case after his Thursday court date.

As I understand it, the youthful offender status means the details of the case are forever sealed now, so it seems we'll never know more than the he-said, she-said accounts of the event that led to his arrest.  Hopefully, this

Katherine Webb's family: wedding to AJ McCarron will be reality show -

It wasn't that long ago the entire world oohed and aahed over the broadcast of William and Kate's royal wedding. So even if it's just the Alabama equivalent, it's only fitting that AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb's wedding will be televised as well.

Not televised live, mind you, but Webb's family members confirmed to the Auburn student newspaper The Plainsman Wednesday that the wedding and its preparations will be filmed for a forthcoming reality TV program. Producers have yet to reach an agreement with any network, but camera crews were already on hand for their March engagement.


Alabama's O.J. Howard recalls 'shocked' reaction from LSU DBs after season-defining 52-yard TD |

Only once did the heralded tight end reach the end zone, but he made that one count. That 52-yard sprint to the end zone changed the momentum against LSU in the 38-17.

"I think what happened was I caught the ball and I saw a seam and I was like, 'I'm running full-speed no matter what,'" Howard said Wednesday. "And those guys didn't think I was going to be that fast because I was a tight end. They were like jogging and when they tried to speed up it was too late, so I kind of shocked them a little bit."

It's still shocking to me that OJ  only ended up with one touchdown reception last year.  Shameful.

Derrick Henry building on Sugar Bowl breakout for Alabama Crimson Tide - ESPN

“I told some people, ‘Man, that looked just like high school. Those DBs didn’t want to tackle him any more than the DBs who played here,’” Ramsay said. “The first touchdown he scored, I was joking, ‘That kid from Oklahoma, he’s running with Derrick so he won’t get yelled at when he goes back to the bench.’ He wasn’t going to try and get him on the ground.”

No one wants to tackle Henry, not even his teammates. Tide linebacker Reggie Ragland, no slouch at 6-2 and 259 pounds, described his meetings with Henry during practice as both “mean” and “peaceful” because they can’t take one another to the ground.

“He's a big guy,” he said of Henry. “A lot of people are scared to tackle him.”

OH, LOOK - another player that was massively underutilized.  The big man could've been the difference between a three-peat and the steaming pile we ended up with.  Unfortunately, the staff decided to bar the door instead.