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The Jumbo Package │04.03.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Not an April Fool's joke. Repeat, THIS IS NOT an April Fool's joke.
Not an April Fool's joke. Repeat, THIS IS NOT an April Fool's joke.

The Crimson White | SGA Senate votes to end resolution supporting Greek system integration

At the final session of the 2013-14 SGA Senate, a proposed resolution in support for full integration of the University of Alabama Greek system was sent to committee instead of receiving a vote. As a result, the resolution died with the end of the Senate’s term.

Katie Smith, the lead sponsor and author of Resolution #R-54, introduced the resolution to the floor, but per Senate rules, a period of technical questions followed, Chisholm Allenlundy, another sponsor of the resolution, said. Allenlundy said that following the technical questions period, a senator moved for the resolution to be sent to committee. At the beginning of the meeting, Speaker of the Senate Cole Adams informed the senators that any legislation or resolutions that were not voted on would die because the next meeting of the Senate would be of the 2014-15 Senate.

"It was voted on tonight because this was our last senate meeting of the year," Smith said. "Technically, my term of office is over.

The speaker of the senate even said that since it is the last meeting, it will either pass or it won’t. Nothing will carry over to the next term. If we wanted to pass something tonight, we had to make a motion for immediate consideration."

I mentioned this is the JP comments yesterday but felt like it needed a little more exposure. Honestly, UA should be ashamed of this and I'm really surprised we haven't heard more of an outcry over this literal passing of the buck. Seriously, the Speaker has a future in politics if she continues to operate in this manner..

SEC Baseball Power Poll: Week Seven Results - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

-- A sweep of Ole Miss keeps Alabama tied for first place in the SEC West with MSU. Not bad for a team with modest expectations coming into league play.

-- Lose a series at Arkansas, and then come home and sweep an Ole Miss team that was playing some quality baseball.

-- It's not fair. You guys already run football; leave baseball to someone else. -- Brandon Larrabee

-- Took the broom to a good Ole Miss team. Improving.

'Bama moved up from #10 to #5 after last weekend's sweep of Ole Miss. The team's next three series are against A&M, Auburn and Tennessee. (#12, #10, #9 in the SEC power poll) before ending the season on a murderer's road of @USC, at home against UF, at LSU and finally at home against Mississippi State.


LEAKED: New Florida State logo -- Confirmed - Tomahawk Nation

I've confirmed through a source involved in the redesign process that this is indeed Florida State's new logo. This is grabbed from a shirt sold prematurely at Walmart (the release was supposed to be 04.11.14). Thoughts?

Maybe you guys can stay more objective here but I find the new logo to be silly looking (the first one looked odd to me as well). Actually, the reaction by the FSU fan base hasn't been exactly positive either.(You should see the butt hurt on my FB timeline) Take a look and tell me if I'm wrong.

That leads me to another question, I was discussing this with Bud Elliot on twitter and he said the FSU helmet has been ranked "football's best many times over". He mentioned the only other contender was Michigan. Now, I'd place the FSU helmet in the top 5 (maybe) but saying only Michigan can contend with FSU's helmet reeks of homerism.

Taking out 'Bama's helmet (cause we all gumps), how would you rank the top five helmets (currently) in college football? If FSU's helmet belongs #1 I'll eat my words.

2014 Final Four Preview - previews the 2014 Final Four with capsules for each team, players to watch and a look at Cowboys Stadium.

I've looked around and I couldn't find a better preview of the Final Four. Well done, SBN.

Alabama is Ruining College Football: How the Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Poorer - Team Speed Kills

Conclusion: Over-signing is great for the teams who can do it. However it’s detrimental to the game as a whole and specifically the teams who would directly benefit from having those unused/under-used blue-chip recruits available to them. Unused/under-used blue-chip athletes would be major/primary contributors at most other schools, but because of the practices of certain elite teams, we’ll never know of the impact those kids could have made by spending five years at a school where they actually fit and would be used. Now you have another reason to hate ‘Bama. Roll Tide.

This fanpost on TSK is over a month old but I just ran across it this morning. Now, I don't want to debate over-signing but while reading this I couldn't help myself but think...

So, what you're saying is Alabama has found an unintentional loophole in a rule where they can take advantage of a situation and make their team better by slightly bending said rule? You are also saying a rule needs to be put in place to stop Alabama (and other teams) from being able to take advantage of this loophole? Further more everyone is allowed to take advantage of this rule but some see it as cheating?


Mark Richt sends recruits hand-drawn portraits in Bulldogs gear (UPDATED) | College recruiting blog

UGA is doing something this year that is (1) definitely catching the attention of the recruits and (2) certainly separating itself from the rest of the pack.

Mark Richt just won the internet, you guys.





And my personal favorite



Key to leave Alabama basketball team - TimesDaily

In his lone season with the Crimson Tide, Key played in all 32 games, making nine starts. He finished the season with 3.7 points, 2.3 rebounds and 15.4 minutes a game.

"We are extremely appreciative of the contributions Algie made to our program throughout last season," Grant said. "He is a quality young man and we wish him the best as he continues to pursue his goals as a student-athlete."

The #FireAnthonyGrant people will use this for moar ammunition but honestly, 3.7 pts per game and 2.3 rebounds? I don't see this as a bad thing for Key or Alabama.

Alabama freshman Sydney Littlejohn pitches shutout in win against No. 11 South Alabama |

Littlejohn, a Rusk, Texas native, went four innings, allowing three hits and striking out two while throwing 73 pitches. Traina allowed two hits in three innings of dominant work. It was a more than impressive stat line for the freshman who found out she'd be starting about two hours before gametime. "I was pretty excited. I'm not gonna lie," Littlejohn said. "It was time for to be able to prove myself and show my team that I can do it and they always believe in me and I know that they're behind me, making plays, doing whatever they can to help me out. It's a really good confidence booster going out with that kind of defense behind me and knowing that they're going to score runs even if I'm not having a good day."