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The Jumbo Package │05.13.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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Kevin C. Cox

Better late than never...

Alabama-LSU 2012 BCS National Championship lives on through NFL Draft |

Nearly all of them saw some sort of playing time on that night in New Orleans, when Alabama blanked the Tigers, 21-0, on five Jeremy Shelley field goals and a touchdown run by Trent Richardson.  The grand total grew to 43 (23 from Alabama, 20 from LSU) after this year's draft. 

Fifteen of Alabama's 22 starters have been drafted (six first-round picks) while two others -- Robert Lester and Damion Square -- were full-time members of their respective NFL teams this past season. Of the 11 LSU starters who have been drafted, five were first-round picks.

Each starting defense has seen eight of the 11 players drafted.

Well, that's just silly. I wonder if any two teams have ever combined for that many draft picks before? Maybe some of the FSU/Miami teams of the 90's?

No. 19 Alabama Baseball Travels To Jacksonville State on Tuesday - ROLLTIDE.COM

With three games remaining on the SEC schedule, the Crimson Tide is 14-12 in conference play and sits in seventh place overall and in fourth place in the SEC West Division, 2.5 games behind Ole Miss. Alabama is 4-6 in its last 10 games overall, while posting a 2-6 record in its last eight SEC contests. 

Apparently not too early for a 2015 mock, and this one has two Alabama players going in first round |

Alabama defensive back Landon Collins is the eighth overall pick by Minnesota.

At No. 9, receiver Amari Cooper is listed.

Time for Alabama to start back up that streak of consecutive years with a player chosen in the Top 10. 

NFL Draft Results 2014: Saints Draft Pick Jersey Numbers - Canal Street Chronicles

SS Vinnie Sunseri - #43

As incidents mount for Jameis Winston, so does concern

"I think some of the things that have happened are regular day-to-day life for the average student at Florida State," says Otis Leverette, a former NFL player who trained Winston in high school, "but their life is being viewed on a $10 microscope and his is being viewed on a $3 million microscope."

"He's supposed to have somebody around him 24/7," says Antonor Winston. "He a Heisman Trophy winner so (he's) definitely not supposed to be by (himself)."

Actually, no Mr. Leverette, I don't know what college campuses you frequent but being accused (though not charged) with rape and stealing are not regular day-to-day activities of the average college student...

NCAA Football: Jameis Winston's Dad Requests Special Treatment For His Son. It Shouldn't Be Permitted. - A Sea Of Blue

Otherwise, I say he gets to do it himself, like virtually every other young NCAA athlete in America — and like so many other Heisman trophy winners before him. Some had more success handling the fame than others, but none of them deserved exceptional handling. Your son may be special to you, but he should not be given extraordinary treatment because of his fame, or your inability to impress upon him the importance of legal compliance and the dangers of careless or reckless behavior to his future.


Seemingly out of no where Winston has been receiving death threats and that is why FSU and his father are pushing for a special "handler." I live in Tallahassee and that is the first I've heard of any threats made towards him.. So after the last six months of dealing the whole rape thing, some random person just now is going to start threatening Winston...over some crab legs? Hey fellas, be careful you don't step in the bull shit.

Seattle GM on Kevin Norwood: 'You're talking about a guy who's played for arguably the best program in the country' |

"When you look at a guy like Kevin, you're talking about a guy who's played for arguably the best program in the country for the last several years," said Schneider, who lost Golden Tate to free agency. "And he's been a humungous part of it. So that reliability factor is not something you take for granted. I know the people at Alabama didn't take him for granted.

This is great news for Norwood cause it seems that Seattle really wanted him but arguably?