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Building The Ultimate Alabama Team

Consider this series the gumpiest of all off season tournaments but one that may actually help get us all through the dog days of summer.

Building The Ultimate Alabama Team

If you were to create a team using only Alabama players starting with the Bear Bryant years to present, who would you pick? Think of this as the All Alabama All-American team. 

Who would be your #1 quarterback? Joe Willie? Jay Barker? AJ McCarron?

What about running back? Dennis Riddle? Siran Stacy? Bobby Humphrey? Where does Trent Richardson or Mark Ingram rank among all time Bama running backs?

Well, over the next month or so RBR will be polling the community to find out who they would place in their Ultimate Alabama Team. (I know, that title is awful)

The first round we'll give you a list of players to vote on and depending on the position the top 4-10 choices move on to the next and final round of voting.

We'll be choosing our:

  • #1 QB.
  • Top two running backs.
  • Top five offensive lineman (not broken down by position.)
  • Top three wide receivers (including Tight Ends)
  • Top four linebackers and defensive lineman.
  • Top four defensive backs
  • And then finally we'll try and decide who would coach this team. (Obvious choice would be either Saban or Bear but what about Gene Stallings?)

Expect the first round to start middle of next week and to run through the rest of May. The final round will start in the beginning of June.

Roll Tide!