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Future SEC Football Schedule Rotation Announced: Alabama

The SEC has announced a 12-year rotation of non-division opponents for SEC football schedules through 2025.

Ess Ee See
Ess Ee See
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

ALABAMA Rotation of Non-Division Opponents through 2025:

2014 vs. Florida
2015 at Georgia
2016 vs. Kentucky
2017 at Vanderbilt
2018 vs. Missouri
2019 at South Carolina
2020 vs. Georgia
2021 at Florida
2022 vs. Vanderbilt
2023 at Kentucky
2024 vs. South Carolina
2025 at Missouri.

(Permanent opponents in 2014: Home - Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M; Away - Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee. Sites alternate home and away through 2025.)

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