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The Jumbo Package │05.27.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Stacy Revere

Alabama women's tennis collects its first-ever NCAA title with doubles championship victory |

They ultimately maximized the experience by winning the program's first-ever national title -- and it wasn't even close. The No. 4 Crimson Tide duo pounced on Georgia's second-seeded pair of Lauren Herring and Maho Kowase and never relented in a 6-1, 6-0 victory at the the Dan Magill Tennis Complex in Athens, Georgia.

Insert Mark Richt has lost control over the UGA women's tennis team joke.....

No. 1 Alabama easily qualifies for NCAA golf championship final eight |

The top-ranked team in the NCAA men's golf championship advanced to the 8-team match play Monday in a tie for second. Playing the final round of stroke play, the Crimson Tide played Prairie Dunes Country Club 4-over Monday.Stanford topped the 54-hole leaderboard at 13-under while Alabama and LSU tied for second at 4-under. That leaves Alabama playing No. 28 seed SMU in Tuesday's quarterfinals

With softball and men's golf still in the hunt for a national championship, Bama could end up with 3-4 titles for the 2013-2014 seasons. (Women's tennis and track have one each)

2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Bracket, Schedule and TV Times Released for SEC Teams - Team Speed Kills

The first: Ten of the conference's 14 teams made it into the national playoff, setting a record for the most berths ever earned by one conference in the history of the event.

Florida State baseball opens NCAA Division I Championship as the no. 5 overall seed - Tomahawk Nation

And while I don’t personally like using team ERA as the sole argument as to how good a pitching staff actually is, the Noles recorded their second best mark in over a decade with a 3.02 team ERA without Brandon Leibrandt, a crucial member of the weekend rotation. Only the 2013 Seminoles had a better team ERA (2.92) before having to date back to 2003(2.96).

"This staff has done a tremendous job this year, especially with everything that has gone on," FSU pitching coach Mike Bell said. "It really has been a group effort up to this point. And if we can get Brandon and Bryant back, they will gain even more confidence as a whole. The team will be that much more confident too."

We'll have a Q&A with Tomahawk Nation later this week but it looks like Leibrandt will be available this weekend...

FSU’s Brandon Leibrandt available this weekend

After watching him throw a simulated three-inning game on Monday afternoon, Florida State head baseball coach Mike Martin was able to say the words he’s been hoping to say for the last two months. “Brandon Leibrandt is available,” the veteran coach said. “He threw the ball very well. And we’re not going to hesitate to use him this weekend.”

Leibrandt, a left-handed starter who has been in the Seminoles’ weekend rotation for three years, last pitched on March 22 against Clemson. He threw a complete-game four-hitter in that win over the Tigers, but then took a pitch off his knee in practice the next week that led to a severe bone bruise and a frustrating, pain-staking rehab.

Alabama LB Rashaan Evans reflects on whirlwind recruitment during his final days in Auburn |

Seated at the table was his father, Alan, a former Auburn running back whose son is the first known Tigers' legacy to accept a scholarship to play at Alabama.

The same hat Rashaan pulled out of the bag in February sat on top of Alan's head. "I do it all the time," said Alan, who finished his playing career at Chattanooga. "It's something I got to learn to live with now because we live here in Auburn, but my son now goes to Alabama.

Quite naturally, we have to convert over and be Alabama fans because of him.

Well, for starters, I disagree with Rashaan's dad. They don't have to become Bama fans just cause their son attends and plays for UA. They do have to support him but the dad played for Auburn and shouldn't be expected to change allegiances just cause his son chose a rival school.

And given some of the comments Evans has received by Auburn fans regarding his "flip" it would be great for his dad to show both fan bases how you can be a fan of one team but also show the other side some respect. 

Former Alabama CB Deion Belue one of three waived by Miami Dolphins |

The Dolphins announced today they waived Belue and offensive linemen David Hurd and Michael Ola.

Hopefully Belue will land on a practice team somewhere....

Former players sue NFL, claim league illegally gave painkillers to mask injuries, which led to addiction  - NY Daily News

“As a player, you get all of these drugs for free over the years of your career. Then suddenly you are released and the free supply stops overnight,” says Hill, who has overcome his addiction and now works as a pastor and substance-abuse counselor. “Many players are addicted and turn to street dealers for the drugs formerly provided by the NFL. This then leads to other problems such as cocaine or heroin use, bankruptcy and prison.”

The suit claims that NFL teams were well aware that they were violating drug laws. The suit says trainer Fred Caito came down hard on offensive lineman Keith Van Horne, McMahon’s teammate on the 1985 Super Bowl champion Bears, after a doctor without any affiliation to the NFL prescribed Percodan. 

Mike Ditka doesn't back former Bears players in lawsuit vs. NFL -

"I don't know. I have no idea," Ditka said. "Did they know what they were doing when they did it? I don't know. The game of football has been too good to me. I have injuries. I've had things that have happened to me. But I'm not going to sit back and complain what's happened to me."

"If you don't want to take them, don't take them," Ditka said of painkillers. "I don't think anybody ever forces anyone to do anything. If you don't want to take it, don't take it. If you wanted it, they were available. There's no question about that. Is that right? I don't know."

Obviously, some of these guys played in a different era of the NFL and college football. My dad, who played college ball in the '70's, has told me stories where injured players were openly mocked by the coaching staff and water was seen for the weak. He played with a broken arm for almost an entire season and like Ditka used cortisone shots to numb the pain so he could play each week. BTW, he was a middle linebacker. Imagine played MLB with a broken arm...

No one forced him to take the shots but he knew if he didn't take the pain meds, he'd lose his starting job and possibly his scholarship. I'm also sure the players involved in this lawsuit had the same mindset. Heck, didn't Lynn Swann Ronnie Lott have the tip of his finger cut off so he could play in the Super Bowl?

But again, that was a different time and back then pain and injuries were treated differently. On one hand I'm not sure the players can place the entire blame for their own personal addictions on the NFL. They had to know what was happening to their body and could have said no. On the other hand I understand where the players are coming from. If information regarding the severity of their injuries was withheld, then they may have a case. 

The reason I bring this up is because I wonder when we'll see suits like this hit college football? (If we haven't already) And who would the players be suing? The NCAA or the individual schools?