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2014 Alabama Crimson Tide Mock NFL Draft

HaHa, CJ, AJ, Cyko, Norwood, Steen and more

HaHa will soon be laughing all the way to the bank.
HaHa will soon be laughing all the way to the bank.
Kevin C. Cox

The NFL Draft begins this Thursday evening and once again, the Alabama Crimson Tide looks to have multiple players being selected in the first round.

If you have seen these mock drafts, you know that many times they are less than reliable and none of these so-called experts like Mel "Helmet-Head" Kiper Jr. and Todd "Never-Played-A-Down-of-College-Football" McShay ever get called out on how wrong they were. Thus, my uneducated opinion is just as valid as the next guy's, right?

Therefore, I will blindly throw darts and mock when each of your favorite Bama players will be selected in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Thursday, May 8, 8pm ET/7pm CT - ESPN & NFL Network

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, free safety - The real question is not whether Ha Ha and C.J. go in the first round. It is who will go first. I am thinking Ha Ha is the first Crimson Tide player selected on Thursday. If the Vikings don't go quarterback, he could go as high as their #8 spot as they were 31st in pass defense this past season. More likely, look for him to go in the lower teens.

C.J. Mosley, linebacker - He has size, speed, and smarts. What is there to NOT like about this guy? If there were not so many top-tier OL and DL out there he might go higher then a projected middle first round. He will be the first and most likely only inside linebacker taken in the first round. He too could go as high as #8 but probably late teens early 20s.


Friday, May 9, 7pm ET/6pm CT - ESPN (ESPN2 takes over at 8pm ET/7pm CT) & NFL Network

Cyrus Kouandjio, offensive tackle - I hope CyKo wears a comfortable pair of shoes on Thursday. It is possible that he could slide into the very end of the first round but he is looking like a second-rounder. I truly believe he should've waited a year and hone his skills in T-town. It sure paid off for Mosley and Jake Matthews.

AJ McCarron, quarterback - Oh, AJ. Why couldn't you have played the boy scout just a little longer? His first mistake was not playing in the Senior Bowl. I like his confidence but the period between a player's last college game and the moment when a name is called is crucial to where you fall. He should've been throwing for anyone who asked and kept some of his opinions to himself. His unwillingness to throw and a few of his comments have pushed him back to third round at best. Some team who may have gambled and missed out on a run of QBs might take a chance in the second but his future looks to be picked as a back-up to an aging established starter to be groomed for the future. He possibly could fall to the fourth round.


Saturday, May 10, 12pm ET/11am CT - ESPN & NFL Network

Kevin Norwood, wide receiver  - I don't have to tell Tide fans what Norwood has meant to the program the last few years. As a dependable clutch receiver with good hands and size, some lucky team could take a chance on him as early as the third round but most likely he goes in the fourth.

Adrian Hubbard, outside linebacker - He has good size (6'6"/257) that the NFL loves. At times at Bama he showed flashes of greatness but wasn't consistent enough. He will have to work on his speed but look for his name to be called in the late fourth or more likely in the fifth.

Anthony Steen, offensive guard - He may not look the part of an NFL offensive lineman but his hard work and toughness make him worth a look in the late fifth or sixth round.

Ed Stinson, defensive end - Ed is a big powerful man with good motor. He will have to work on his speed and explosiveness to make a real impact. He should be a good piece for a team looking for depth around the late fifth or sixth round.

Vinnie Sunseri, strong safety - I am still in shock that he left college early. That said, he has a chance to be a nice piece for a team that needs a hard-worker who is not afraid to knock heads. Being a coach's kid adds to his football IQ. Believe it or not, he could go in the sixth round if he has proved himself healthy.

Jeoffrey Pagan, defensive end - The potential is there for him to blossom into a star. How hard will he work to get there? He probably should've stayed at Bama another year and build towards a big senior year. Sixth round, maybe seventh.

Deion Belue, cornerback - He will probably have to get healthy and prove himself on special teams before he sees time in nickel and dime packages. That said, he should get a call in the seventh or possibly maybe the sixth. At the very least, he will get many offers as a free agent.

Cody Mandell, punter - Only elite can't-miss punters tend to get drafted higher than seventh. If there is a team that has had a great draft and gotten everyone they wanted, they could take him in the seventh. If he is not drafted, he will be a "priority free agent" with many suitors.

John Fulton, cornerback  - although Fulton had a rocky career at Bama, he is a good athlete and excelled at special teams. I expect him to get a free-agent offer from someone. Whether he sticks as a special teams player or on a practice squad may be up to how hard he wants to work but the opportunity is there.


So what do you think? What about that Johnny guy? Take off your Crimson-colored glasses and give us your two cents. It is just as valid as Helmet-Head's opinion.

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