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The Jumbo Package │06.12.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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FYI, Slice and I have agreed to leave out serious O'bannon type articles and discussions from the Jumbo Package. Erik is keeping up with the trial and will update us on an as needed basis.

Did Joker Phillips Resign Because of a Secondary Violation? - Team Speed Kills

I'm not sure I buy this one, or at least not without it being part of a larger picture. It's not that it's unprecedented for a coach to lose his job over a "bump" violation -- basically, bumping into a recruit and talking to him when you're not not supposed to -- but the most prominent example was Bruce Pearl at Tennessee, and there were other issues at play there.

'The Daily Show' Investigates College Football Unions and Player Smoke Breaks - The Wire

But there's always the fear that a union will be taken too far: "What are these football players going to do if they unionize? Do they get a mandatory smoke break every hour?" Benkie asked.

I don't care which side you fall on with all the union, P4P and likeness debates, this is pretty freakin hilarious.

Florida State's odds; College Football Playoff selection; Mailbag - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

You make a strong case that the four-team playoff field should not be limited to conference champions, but in my opinion, that doesn't mean the best set-up is always No. 1 versus No. 4 and No. 2 versus No. 3. Last year, for example, that would have meant No. 3 Alabama getting a second shot at a national title by playing in a semifinal game against No. 2 Auburn, which beat 'Bama in its regular-season finale. Would it have been a huge injustice if the committee excluded Alabama in favor of No. 5 Stanford (the Pac-12 champion) or No. 6 Baylor (the Big 12 champ)? -- Greg Fisk, Birmingham, Ala.

The short answer is no, it would not have been an injustice if that happened. It's important to note the distinction between restricting the field solely to conference champions -- which could produce the scenario I described last week, in which a projected No. 13 team could secure a berth -- and leaving the field open but placing value on conference titles in the selection process. We'll have to see if the committee follows through on this, but playoff organizers have said league championships will be one of several unofficial tiebreakers, along with strength of schedule and head-to-head results, that distinguish between closely bunched teams.

Forget FSU being complacent (they play in the ACC. They'll be just fine.), I hope to god Mandel is correct and the 3rd or 4th best team in the country isn't passed up for #10 just cause they didn't win their conference. As we all saw in 2011, sometimes the top three teams not only play in the same conference, they may also play in the same division.

Track and Field Earns Three Finals Berths on Day One of the 2014 NCAA Outdoor Championships - ROLLTIDE.COM

The Alabama Track and Field team got off to a strong start in front of 9,165 fans on day one of the 2014 NCAA Outdoor Championships being held at venerable Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus this week. On Wednesday, the Crimson Tide advanced both the men's and women's 4x100-meter relays as well as the fastest 100-meter runner in the world this year to the championship finals.

"For us to do a great job early, it sets the tone and gets everyone excited," Matt Kane, UA's sprints coach said. "They get inspired when they see their teammates who have been working hard next to them every day start doing well, and they just feed off that." In the women's 4x100-meter relay, freshman Quanesha Burks, junior Remona Burchell, junior Dominique Kimpel and senior Sarah Thomas raced around the oval in a time of 43.76.

It was the Tide's fastest time this season and third fastest all time. Their time puts them fifth going into finals.

College football schedules: Florida State ranks No. 1 | News OK

Florida State is No. 1, Clemson No. 2, Virginia 13th, Miami 20th, Syracuse 22nd, North Carolina 24th, Virginia Tech 25th, Louisville 27th and Boston College 28th.

That’s nine of the top 28 schedules. Compare that to the Big 12. West Virginia is eighth, Texas ninth, OSU 15th and Kansas State 18th. Then it dips to TCU 34th, Iowa State 37th, OU 38th and Texas Tech 39th. Then Kansas 52nd and Baylor 57th. That’s six of the bottom 31 schedules, which is OK but not great.

That’s better than the SEC, which ranks seventh (Georgia), 14th (South Carolina), 17th (Tennessee), 31st (Florida), 33rd (LSU), 43rd (Arkansas), 44th (Auburn), 45th (Missouri), 46th (Ole Miss), 48th (Kentucky), 52nd (Alabama), 58th (Texas A&M), 61st (Mississippi State) and 64th (Vanderbilt).

Eleven of the bottom 34 schedules belong to the SEC. Nine of the bottom 22. Florida State’s schedule does college football proud.

You know why FSU had to beef up their non-con schedule? Well, for starters the ACC but also because they learned from their schedule in 2012 where they played absolutely no one and still ended up losing to NC State and Florida. Before losing to NC State, FSU was ranked as high as #3. After that loss? #12. Ouch.

So, if your SOS is weak (including your conference slate), and you lose to one of the bottom feeders, you'll get crucified in the rankings. FSU and the ACC know this, which is why they added ND to their football schedule.

Also, by playing a slew of weak opponents, you aren't prepared to play the better teams on your schedule. People can hate on us all they want, but the SEC has the exact opposite problem, yet Bama still is willing to schedule tough OOC games. So when I see articles like this bashing the SEC's schedules I just..


Oh, and speaking of stupid, for any of my fellow Dumb and Dumber fans (which should be every last one of you)