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The Jumbo Package │06.26.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Boom. Amurica.
Boom. Amurica.
Robert Cianflone

Which would you rather happen: Your college team win national championship or USA win soccer World Cup? |

Time to fess up college sports fans. Admit you love your state more than your country, or least one of your state schools.

In the football-crazed South, it would be hard to imagine an Alabama fan trading one national championship for a USA world title, even though the Crimson Tide claims the most collegiate football titles and USA men's soccer has nary one appearance in the championship round. Heck, would Bama fans even consider trading a No. 1 recruiting ranking for a USA world soccer trophy?

#1 My allegiance to a college sports team has nothing to do with the love of my country. In fact, I'm slightly offended by the mere statement. If the US is competing in something, I want us to win.

#2 I'm not a soccer fan so I wouldn't trade much of anything, on an Alabama level, for a World Cup win. As I previously noted, I would trade something from the world stage, like Olympic medals, for a WC win.

So instead of asking what would I trade, as a college sports fan, rather ask, what would I trade as an American?

My Top 10 things I would trade for a US World Cup win:

  1. The Dream Team's Olympic Medal
  2. The city of Opelika
  3. Anything "American" related to the color orange.
  4. Harvey Updyke
  5. Large portions of the North.
  6. Large portions of California
  7. The dark ages of the South (1850's-1970's)
  8. The NBA
  9. Fig Newtons
  10. The guy who thought making the Twilight series was a good idea.
Honorable Mention: Val Kilmer as Batman

Eddie Lacy preparing for another heavy load with Green Bay Packers |

Lacy carried the ball 305 times last season, including the Packers' playoff loss to San Francisco. He also caught 37 passes. Three games into the season, he had 15 carries and one reception. That means over his final 14 games last year, Lacy handled the ball an average of 23 times a game, even though he sprained his ankle three times in three weeks, carrying the offense as Green Bay used Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn at quarterback while waiting for star QB Aaron Rodgers to return from an injury.

Speaking of Alabama running backs and the NFL....


College World Series 2014: Vanderbilt Commodores Win Baseball National Title, Defeat Virginia Cavaliers 3-2 - Team Speed Kills

And when the game was over, Vanderbilt was the winner. The last winner. For the vast majority of fans watching on their television, it was the first time they had ever seen Vanderbilt holding up a trophy from something more prestigious than a mid-tier bowl game. Vanderbilt had landed on top of the college baseball world, with everyone else looking up at them. It's rarefied air for anyone. But because Vanderbilt has tasted it fewer times than most, it's that much more sweet.

It's now June 26th, 2014 and Mississippi St is the last remaining SEC team (including both A&M and Mizzou) to have never won a national title.


CECIL HURT: Scheduling comes down to money |

Football teams with 100,000 capacity stadiums need home games to survive. But what is the future in an age where more and more fans follow their team exclusively on television, making only the rare pilgrimage to their teams' stadium, if they can afford to attend at all. Their hope is for more "good" games as television consumers, and thus the television "providers" (ESPN primary among them) want to give them that premium product.

Tis true. I love going to BDS for games but I'm very picky on which games I'm willing to attend.  No day games in September. Only SEC games I can find at a reasonable price. Games that don't fall on previously scheduled family vacations, like Disney.

Notre Dame, Georgia agree to 2017, 2019 home-and-home -

The Fighting Irish will host the Bulldogs on Sept. 9, 2017, with Notre Dame visiting Sanford Stadium on Sept. 21, 2019. "Playing Notre Dame will be an honor and a great challenge for us," Georgia coach Mark Richt said in a statement. "I have a lot of respect for the job Coach [Brian] Kelly is doing there and I'm sure college football fans across the country will enjoy watching our two teams compete."

"As our football schedules evolved with the start of our Atlantic Coast Conference competition in 2014, we had future games slated with top-drawer opponents in virtually all the major conferences," Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick said in a statement. "One exception was the Southeastern Conference, so we are pleased now to be able to check that box. These will be two contests that will have great national appeal, in part because our only previous matchup came in a bowl game."

Props to UGA for scheduling a tough OOC game when they already have GT on their yearly schedule (which would fulfill the SEC scheduling mandate). However, I hate to break it to the Dawgs, beating ND in 2017 won't make you national champions in 2012.

Sorry, guys.