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The Jumbo Package | 06.04.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide news and notes.

"mmm... money..."
"mmm... money..."
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn't hear, yesterday the UA Board of Trustees approved a new deal for Saban designed to make him a lot of money.  CB already did a fine job of recapping the changes in the deal (as well as the changes for the rest of the staff), so be sure to check that out.  I'll just throw in my $.02 here and say even a cursory look at the athletic department financials will tell you that Saban is well worth it.

This should also put to bed any coaching rumors for the rest of Saban's career.  The $6.9 mil annual salary would make Saban the 7th highest paid coach in the NFL.  Of couse, #3-6 on that list are barely higher, at an even $7 mil.  So Saban is effectively only outearned by two coaches - Bill Belichick and Sean Payton.  Saban could very well get a wild hair and leave Bama, but it won't be because he was bought out (sorry, Texas).

Now that the deal is official, Bill Battle has come out to discuss the drawn out process some

Raises a necessary part of retaining Nick Saban for Alabama - ESPN

"It just took a while to get done, and the rest has been a lot of people getting involved and blessing [the contract] and however it gets done," he said. "I quit worrying about it a long time ago."

He was worried at one point.

"There was nervousness," he said. "They said what was said, and I believed what was said. But I read what everyone else was saying too. I can’t say I wasn’t anxious about it, but that got solved in a relatively short period of time. It was an intense period of time because of what all was going on with the Auburn game and then the recruiting and then the Oklahoma game, and all that was happening all at the same time, which added to the difficulty to think clearly on his part -- or focus."

When will your favorite coach speak at SEC Media Days? Full schedule here |

The SEC will kick off its new four-day format at its annual media days July 14 with the defending SEC champions.

The conference office released the schedule Tuesday for the event at The Wynfrey Hotel. SEC commissioner Mike Slive will start the event at 11 a.m. with his state of the SEC address, which will then be followed by the first coach of the week: Auburn's Gus Malzahn.

Alabama and Auburn bookend the event. Tide coach Nick Saban will not speak until the final session on July 17.


5Dimes posts win totals for 2014 -

With that in mind, 5Dimes has posted the over/unders on win totals for most of your favorite college football teams. What does the online sportsbook think? Well, it thinks a lot like you do. Play it safe with the usual suspects.

Alabama +/- 10.5

Auburn +/- 9.5

Bunch'a silly gumps.

Breaking down the schedules: SEC -

The SEC is the big, bad wolf of college football. Seven titles in the last eight years. The expectation for the new playoff is that there will be a minimum of two SEC teams included every year. The AP requires every voter to have eight conference teams in the top 10. I may have made that last one up.

Just like every other year though, the league will have to wait until the postseason to prove itself, because when it comes to the regular season, non-conference schedule, no league is wimpier than the SEC.

When it comes to scheduling, the SEC is a recluse. Good luck getting them to leave the house. Even if they do, they're definitely not leaving the subdivision. SEC teams are playing a whopping 78.5% of their non-conference games at home. No other league is even close to that. The Big Ten is second at 70.9%.

What's holding? SEC's Shaw attempts an explanation | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |

"By rule, as long as you’re in proper position, as long as you keep your hands inside his frame, you can pretty much do anything – as long as you’ve got good position on him and as he moves you’re still in good position.

"People see him locked up on (the offensive lineman’s) breast plates and that sort of thing. That’s not holding. OK, by definition that’s not holding. Now when it is, is when I lose my position and he starts to get away, now I’ve got to let him go. I can give him a shove but I can’t hold him back in."

SEC second-year stars: Alabama Crimson Tide RB Derrick Henry - ESPN

2014 potential: The hype surrounding Henry’s sophomore season comes with good reason. While it might be a stretch to call him a Heisman Trophy contender, or even a threat to Yeldon to take over as the team’s top running back, there is the potential for a big breakout season as a sophomore. It takes an army to tackle him. And he’s got the wheels to back it up. But maybe most importantly, he’ll have a new offensive coordinator in Lane Kiffin who is looking to make the most of his talent, whether that means lining up as a traditional tailback or elsewhere.

You have your mandate, Kiffin.  Release the Henry.


LSU third-string QB Hayden Rettig to transfer -

LSU is down to two scholarship quarterbacks after redshirt freshman reserve Hayden Rettig elected to transfer this week. Rettig told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that he will transfer, the paper reported Saturday, after finishing behind sophomore Anthony Jennings and freshman Brandon Harris on the Tigers' post-spring practice depth chart. An LSU spokesperson confirmed Rettig's decision to the Times-Pic.

Rutgers AD promises 'Disney World experience' at football games -

"What I can promise you, one of the things we're working on most, is when you come see us at ball games, starting with High Point Solutions Stadium, you have a world-class, Disney World experience," Hermann said. "That's important to us."

So... exorbitant prices, long lines, sweltering weather, and when you attend, your favorite team loses the most important game of the year?  Sounds like a sweet deal.