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SEC Media Days Open Thread - Day One


The night is almost gone, and the day is near. - Romans 13:12

And the choir said, "Amen."

As you may have heard, SEC Media Days starts today.  With that, we have chipped our way out of the woods and into the rough.  If you are new to the SEC Media Days format, here is a quick primer.

If you would like to watch along online, you can stream the event on ESPN3 and SECSports.

With all of that covered, here is what is on tap for today (all times Central):

11:30 am - 2:30 pm
AUBURN (Coach Gus Malzahn/Reese Dismukes/Gabe Wright/Nick Marshall*[will not attend after being cited for marijuana possession this past Friday]/replacement: C.J. Uzomah)

2:40 - 5:40 pm
FLORIDA (Coach Will Muschamp/Jeff Driskel/Dante Fowler/Vernon Hargreaves III)
VANDERBILT (Coach Derek Mason/Adam Butler/Steven Scheu/Andrew Williamson)

Should be an interesting day of Q&As.

All week, look for the new college playoff to be a topic that comes up early and often.  I also wouldn't be surprised to hear some sort of news related to the upcoming SEC Network from Mike Slive.

Then we'll get to see Auburn's head coach take questions about how his starting quarterback had to be kept home on account of a run in with the police.

Then Will Muschamp will try fruitlessly to convince the public that his offense won't be a warmed over plate of garbage this year.

And we'll wrap up the day when Vanderbilt's head coach takes the podium, and the reporters quietly murmur among themselves, trying to determine if he is really the coach, or just a guy off the street playing a prank.  No one knows you or cares what you have to say, Derek.  Unless you have some folksy stories about impregnating turkeys...

Also, now that SEC Media Days has officially signaled the unofficial start of the pre-season, it's time to kick off our countdown.  Opponents take note, the pain will be arriving shortly.

Finally, I realize that most people probably do have a twitter account, but if you don't have twitter (or if you don't want to follow two browsers), but would like to follow the chatter of SBN folks on the scene, all the SEC SBN blogs, and national reporters, you can check that out here: