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The Jumbo Package │07.15.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

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SEC Media Days Highlights

SEC Media Days 2014: Day 2 Schedule - Team Speed Kills

Given his [Spurrier] chirping about Nick Saban last month, it's safe to guess that he thinks he'll have a good team. You never know quite what he's going to say, but expect to see media folks to try to goad him into more Saban talk.

OK, Spurrier talking about Saban has become an every week affair..So who's your bet for the team he trolls the most today? Is Clemson a valid answer?

2014 SEC Media Days recaps for each coach, day by day -

"In the SEC, the packaging has changed. Auburn? The way they run the football? It's no different from Alabama." - Derek Mason

Hey new guy...


STUPID QUESTIONS: First day questions from SEC Media Days |

Even a good question has to be asked well. This one, to Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason, wasn’t:

Q: As a father, I was sitting at a table, you came in recruiting, how is your 2015 class going?

A: You know, recruiting right now is going extremely well.


These kinds of questions are why I don't get overly excited about SEC Media Days. I mean, I like how this week marks the end of the dead period, but the questions are redundant and the answers rehearsed. So until something Bama specific comes up, I'll observe the sideshow from a distance.

SEC Media Days 2014: Let's play "Does it matter?" with what the Gators say and do! - Alligator Army

"This will be the most complete team we've had at Florida, as far as offense, defense, special teams." -Muschamp

Does it matter? Nope.

Why? You knew this, right? Florida has more quality depth at almost every position — offensive line and quarterback are the exceptions — than it has previously had under Muschamp, and the depth at quarterback is actually arguable.

Just putting this out there as an off the wall, just spittin nonsense "who wins the SEC East" pick....

Florida will either win the East or spiral out of control and end up dead last...My reasoning? Well, after how last season ended, they'll either rise to the challenge or Muschamp loses his team early. I just don't see much middle ground for this team.

Other News and Notes

LSU wide receiver Rob Bolden planning to transfer; Jared Foster may rejoin football team as QB |

That leaves LSU with two scholarship quarterbacks, sophomore Anthony Jennings and freshman Brandon Harris, for the 2014 season.

And I thought Bama had issues at QB....

Updated Alabama football roster with new heights and weights |

A whole bunch of changes will come in August, when the rest of Alabama's 2014 signing class officially joins the squad.

Wait, Bama has 99 players on the roster NOW and they'll be adding MORE???? I knew Saban was a cheater. - Some Auburn, LSU, B1G or UGA fan, probably.

Freaks Week: Ranking college football's Top 20 'Freaks' for 2014 | FOX Sports on MSN

He recently topped that by hang-cleaning 437 pounds for two reps, and he's come close to a third, Doyle said. He can Jerk 400 pounds over his head, vertical jump 31 or 32 inches and run his first 10 yards in 1.58 to 1.60 seconds, according to the coach.

Um, for those of you who aren't aware....Those are impressive numbers for a guy who weighs in at 325 lbs

Also, this list is invalid. Not only because who they picked at #1, but because Henry isn't on it. #gump'd.

Crane operator was reportedly fired for hanging Crimson Tide flag at Texas A&M construction site |

Fox Sports' Clay Travis reported on his "Outkick the Coverage" blog Monday that the crane operator, who has not been identified, was dismissed from his job some time after word of the incident got out. A Texas A&M official would not confirm or deny the firing to Travis, but did say, "We are unaware of how the Alabama flag was placed on the Kyle Field jobsite, but it was removed once discovered."

First off, screw Clay Travis but if this is true, it's kind of messed up. Firing a guy for hanging a Bama sign, which should be a natural thing for every human being to do, is just wrong.