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SEC Media Days Open Thread | Day Three

"...  ..." - Bret Bielema's inner monologue
"... ..." - Bret Bielema's inner monologue
Sam Greenwood

Another day, another round of Q&A's.  Sounds like a perfect time for an open thread.

Today has a very interesting slate (all times Central):

9 am - 12:00 pm
STEVE SHAW, SEC Coordinator of Football Officials
JUSTIN CONNOLLY, ESPN Senior Vice‐President College Networks
MISSOURI (Coach Gary Pinkel/Evan Boehm/Markus Golden/Maty Mauk)

11:10 - 11:50 am
BILL HANCOCK, Executive Director College Football Playoff (Wynfrey ABC)

1 - 4 pm
LSU (Coach Les Miles/La'el Collins/Terrence Magee/D.J. Welter)
ARKANSAS (Coach Bret Bielema/Brey Cook/Trey Flowers/Alan Turner)

So, we'll start the day by maybe getting some news about rules (or at least an idea of where the officials' focus will be this year), followed immediately by some talk about the new SEC Network (which launches in less than a month).

Then Missouri head coach will get the opportunity to try to drastically lower his school's expectations in the face of an almost certain decline.

Sandwiched in the middle there, we will also get to hear from Mr. Hancock about the upcoming College Football Playoff.  Surely some intrepid reporter will ask him about the almost universally negative response they've gotten to the new trophy, even if Hancock is quoted as saying it is "priceless".

After lunch, we'll get to hear ol' marble-mouth Miles ramble on about how the two quarterbacks (yes, only two) he has on his roster both have more chest than Gunner Kiel (he's slow to release grudges).

And of course, we wrap up the day by listening to dirty Bert. Nobody ask him about the previously proposed 10-second rule and its rumored ties to Apartheid.

Twitter feed for the folks that want it:

And as always, we finish by bowing our heads in the direction of the clock of destiny.  May that day draw ever nearer.