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'Bama Fans: Help Support Your Alabama Air Guard In Afghanistan!

This came across my twitter timeline today and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help out fellow 'Bama fans who are serving this country over seas.. Below is a facebook post by Mary Hunter who is trying to gather 'Bama gear for the Alabama Air Guard 187th Fighter Wing.

To help get things going, RBR will be sending over some our shirts in a care package. If any RBR members are willing to donate money to help me out, click the "donate" button below.

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Roll Tide!

Help our Alabama fighting men and women who are deployed to Afghanistan have a little fun this college football season! 

They do not return until November! My husband, Jon, has requested Alabama Football fan gear for the upcoming season and says there's an "awful lot of Auburn Fans" among our deployed Alabama Air Guard 187th Fighter Wing! You can send care packs care of my husband, and he will distribute to other Bama Fans! They watch the games on a big screen they set up at Bagram Air Base.

Lt Col Jon Shultz
455 EOG/100EFS
APE, AE 09352

P.S. For our Auburn fans, if you send gear, he'll get that to your fans too!