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Building the Ultimate Alabama Team Final Round: Linebackers

As expected, the voting for the top six linebackers was the closest of all the positional groupings. Though both received 11% of the total votes, the difference between Demeco Ryans and Rolando McClain came down to just 30 votes.


However, I expect the final round to be even closer as your top six are all Alabama legends and any one player could be chosen over another and you'd be hard pressed to find error in the decision.

Just a reminder for first time voters:

- You're voting on your top four linebackers

- Who you choose will be based on your own criteria. If the player had a successful NFL career and that is part of your decision, so be it. If you want to focus solely on their career at Alabama, again that's up to you. My suggestion would be to wait to vote and allow the discussions in the comments to guide you. The choice may be obvious but you only get one chance to vote per round, so make it count.

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