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The Jumbo Package │07.24.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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See, we were this close to playing for a championship.
See, we were this close to playing for a championship.
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Mack Brown joins ESPN as college football analyst

Seven months after the final game of his coaching career, one highlighted by the 2005 national championship, Brown will join ESPN in August as a college football analyst, providing studio work across the network's football-themed platforms and, on Saturdays, starring as one-third of ABC's College Football Countdown program.


Deion Belue signs with Jacksonville Jaguars |

On Wednesday, the Jaguars announced they had signed Belue, releasing undrafted rookie running back Beau Blankenship from Ohio to make room on the roster. Jacksonville is scheduled to hold its first full-squad practice of training camp on Friday and is having some issues at cornerback. Starter Alan Ball has an ankle injury, and fourth-round draft choice Aaron Colvin of Oklahoma is coming off a knee injury suffered at the Reese's Senior Bowl in Mobile.

Proposed NCAA video game settlement could pay players more -

The change could open the door for players to receive "what some might consider a windfall," said Rob Carey, an attorney for former Nebraska and Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller in the settlement. If 10 percent of the eligible class opts into the settlement, a player who appeared in the game with photos over four years could receive up to $19,000. (Carey initially estimated this rate at $50,000 to $55,000 but said he miscalculated.) At a 5-percent class participation rate, a claim could be worth up to $37,000.

Pay the players whatever they want, just give me back EA Sports College Football.

NCAA infractions chairman Britton Banowsky responds to 'cheating pays' - ESPN

"I have to say that a lot of what (Bowlsby) says is true relative to the inactivity," Banowsky said at his league's media day. "I've been assured and encouraged that there's a lot in the pipeline and the thing is kind of ramping back up again and the new system is going to get engaged and functioning.

So, they've totally forgotten about the Fluker and HaHa violations, right?

2015 NFL Draft Top 100 Big Board - Top 50 - Music City Miracles

23. TJ Yeldon RB 6'1 218 Junior Alabama - Yeldon is Gurley's biggest rival to the best RB throne. He runs too upright though for my liking. A great athlete that can also help in the screen game.

If I had one criticism of Yeldon, his tendency to run upright, especially on short yardage situations, would be it.

Oklahoma's Bob Stoops rips into SEC scheduling, Alabama's Sugar Bowl 'excuses' |

"From the first play of scrimmage, those guys were talking a lot of mess. I don't believe they were thinking it was a consolation game," Grissom said. "I don't believe that players play games not to win. I think as a football player, as an athlete, you want to win every game."

I'd have to agree with Grissom here. We looked fired up to start the game and I don't believe for a second the team was overlooking OU. Our defense just got exposed and Knight played the game of his life. It is what it is and we as fans probably need to stop making excuses for the loss.

That said, Stoops acts like one win over Alabama negates his previous "big game" record. Sure, it helps, but one win doesn't make up for getting embarrassed over and over and over again in BCS bowls, Bob.

Florida State, Alabama betting favorites to win national title - College Football -

The Crimson Tide and Seminoles are both listed at 11/2 odds to win the title in the inaugural season of the College Football Playoff. Oregon comes next at 7/1, followed by Oklahoma at 9/1 and Auburn at 10/1.

I just don't see it. Call me an ant-gump, but there are just too many questions marks on this team to be picking us to win the championship. I fully expect us to be in the mix but to considering us a favorite is going a bit too far, me thinks.

Sorry, Bob Stoops, but Nick Saban's contract makes the Sugar Bowl an exhibition game |

Check the numbers. Saban gets $65,000 for playing in a garden variety bowl. He gets $90,000 for playing in the Chick-fil-a, Cotton, Capital One, Outback, Gator "or any equal successor bowl game associated with the Southeastern Conference." He gets $125,000 for playing in a BCS "or its successor entity" bowl that’s not part of the playoff system. How much of a bonus does he get for winning any of those games? Not a penny more. Simply getting there is its own reward.

Bringing up how much money Saban gets paid for winning a bowl game is even stupid for Scarbinsky. I seriously doubt Saban even takes into account how much extra will be in his pocket while preparing for bowl games. When Saban said "the game was a consolation" he's talking about the goal at Alabama is to win championships, not play in the Sugar Bowl. I know it's been a while since OU has been relevant on the championship circuit, but ya know, Alabama has won just a few of those crystal ball thingys over the last couple years...So we're sorry if the Sugar Bowl is kinda, meh, to us.