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'14 Roll 'Bama Roll Sweetheart Battle Royale: Your Nominations Please

Obvious choice is obvious
Obvious choice is obvious

For those of you who are new to RBR, each year (since 2007 I believe) Roll 'Bama Roll has awarded one lucky lady the title of RBR Sweetheart.

Who is this Sweetheart you say? Well, she is a goddess of sorts and has seen our Crimson Tide through the good and the bad, the championships and heartbreak. The Sweetheart is a spokewoman for the site and is "offered" up to the football gods each and every Friday (along with our own embarrassing admissions) in hopes for a favorable outcome. (aka a W)

So what makes a sweetheart?

1. She has to be "Sweet". No known history of drug abuse, porno's, sex tapes, or improper behavior. Think the girl next door or a girl you would take home to mamma.

2. She CANNOT be married.

3. She CANNOT be engaged.

How Will This All Work?

I will adopt the same basic rules as last year. (Oh yeah, as always, being the blawg manager I reserve the right to at least one line item veto)

  • The site will spend today and tomorrow submitting their nominations. (Note: the bewb and booty .gif rule still applies but appropriate SFW images will be accepted).
  • This Friday we'll narrow down the list to a top 10.
  • Next Wednesday the 20th we'll vote on the top three
  • The following Wednesday (the 27th) will be the final round of voting
  • And the 2014 Sweetheart will be crowned on Friday, August 29th.
So have at it.

Oh, I do have one request— please, before just throwing out a name or posting an image, do a quick Google search and see if she meets the criteria posted above. The last thing we need is another debacle like last year.

Roll Tide