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The Jumbo Package | 08.13.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide news and notes.

Andy Lyons

Oklahoma officially files Dorial Green-Beckham's waiver to NCAA -

Oklahoma has officially filed Green-Beckham's eligibility waiver, according to a source. The Sooners are making a case under the "run-off" waiver, that he lost his spot on Mizzou's roster out of his control. A series of bad decisions culminated in Green-Beckham's dismissal from the Tigers, so the NCAA must decide if the essense of the rule applies here.

The Oklahoman reported Aug. 1 that the Sooners were confident about Green-Beckham's chances but hadn't yet filed the waiver while building a case. The Sooners expected to get cooperation from Mizzou, which is necessary for run-off cases.

For those that missed it, DGB was kicked off of Missouri's team this April, following an incident when he pushed a young lady "down at least four stairs".  That incident, was actually DGB's third strike, as he had already been arrested twice prior for marijuana.  Now, I'm no lawyer, but that doesn't sound like him losing his spot was "out of his control" to me.

Also, I don't know what's going on lately, but it seems that there are more than a couple stories out there of athletes committing domestic violence.  How hard is it to not hit people?

Alabama providing million-dollar payouts to 2 of its 2014 non-conference opponents |

For the second consecutive season, Alabama is doling out million-dollar pay days to two of its non-conference opponents.

This year's tab is significantly smaller than the record one it had in 2013, as Alabama will pay $2.88 million to its three home non-conference opponents, according to contracts provided to Last year, Alabama paid a combined $3.15 million.


Nick Saban radio show moving to a new Tuscaloosa location starting this fall |

Known mostly as Nick Saban's weekly radio show, the broadcast is moving down McFarland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa to Bob's Victory Grille in Midtown Village. The show had originated from Buffalo Wild Wings where a special stage was constructed in the back to host the on-air talent.

SEC 1,000-yard rushers for 2014 - ESPN

2. Yeldon: He's the only back in Alabama history to rush for at least 1,000 yards in each of his first two years on campus. There are a lot of offensive weapons for Alabama to work with this fall, but Yeldon's breakaway speed and grinding ability make him a back to be reckoned with.

Meh.  This guy's a scrub.  /sarcasmfont

Alabama TE O.J. Howard reveals unique dietary change as he seeks to add healthy weight |

It's a bit of a pickle. He wants to be a bigger and better blocker but he doesn't want to lose the speed that allowed him to catch and run for a 52-yard touchdown against LSU last season. So how is he doing it?

"That's kind of hard," he said. "I think it's eating right and also getting in the weight room and trying to make it stay on. A lot of weight, it's hard to maintain for me because a lot of it is just water weight. I just lose it once I got out to practice.

Alabama WR Christion Jones wants to see a 'better mindset' when adversity hits |

Two days removed from Alabama's first preseason scrimmage, senior wide receiver Christion Jones was on the same page Monday as Nick Saban was in the immediate aftermath of the rain-drenched practice at Bryant-Denny Stadium. It was an early example of one of Alabama's top leaders echoing THE top leader.

"We had a lot of tempo at first, but when the rain came as circumstances came out it didn't go so well," Jones said. "A lot of that was part of the leadership trying to up-tempo guys and get guys going. I think we have to have a better mindset when those things happen so that we're prepared for it when it happens in the season."

Former Alabama starters Brandon Ivory, Jarran Reed 'aren't entitled to anything' after suspension |

"They're on the third team, so they have to work their way up," coach Nick Saban said after practice. While he hasn't revealed which team rules they violated to get suspended, it's clear the punishment took a toll.

"I don't think it's real fair to the guys who have been out there for 14 days practicing on the first and second team, they need to beat them out," Saban said with a slightly louder voice.

"They aren't entitled to anything. They're working hard and they're getting plenty of work. They certainly have to improve as football players but from a behavioral standpoint, they have done a very good job and I'm pleased with them."

Alabama practice report: Tide D-line (almost) back to full strength |

-- DLs Jarran Reed and Brandon Ivory have completed their re-acclimatization period after missing the first six days of camp with a suspension. That meant both were in full pads for the first time since A-Day. Ivory wore a brace on his right knee, though he did not appear to be limited.

-- The only defensive lineman not healthy and on the practice field is A'Shawn Robinson, who has been officially out for a week with an injured knee. He has 18 days to get ready for the season opener.

Good to see we are making progress on the injury front.  I hope we are just taking it easy with A'Shawn.  We need you healthy, big guy.

Oh, yeah.  And buried at the bottom of the practice report we have this nugget:

-- The kickers and punters spent part of today's viewing period kicking around a soccer ball.



Nick Saban Tuesday press conference:

Tuesday practice footage:

Tight end O.J. Howard after practice

Defensive end Jonathan Allen after practice