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Roll 'Bama Roll Yahoo Pick'em Sign-up

Pick 'em means one thing: FOOOOOTBALLLLLL

Did someone say, pick?
Did someone say, pick?
Streeter Lecka

Join group here

Group 1 - # 6738

Group 2 - # 6739

Group 3 - # 6740

Password (for all groups): rolltide (lowercase, no spaces)


  • Picking against the spread,
  • No confidence points.
  • Picks are due five minutes before EACH game.
  • Bottom two weeks are dropped.
  • Picking Yahoo select games, top 25 teams, and SEC.

The winner for each group will be announced in the Jumbo Package each Monday. At the end of the season, the person with top score from ALL groups will win a prize but I'm waiting to hear back from SBN legal on how we can make that happen. (Probably a RBR T-shirt or something).

If there's a tie, both winners will get something.

Roll Tide, y'all