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Describe Each SEC School In One Word

It's Friday the week before the season begins and the time for arguing and debate is over. Today we replace hand-wringing over the upcoming season for laughs.

Woo pig sooie (aka lunch)
Woo pig sooie (aka lunch)

Totally stealing this from ESPN but adding a bit of a troll twist. Yesterday, ESPN listed how each SEC coach would describe their team in one word. While some were creative, apparently there are still things left on this planet that Mark Richt hasn't lost control of...

So I figured, for shits and giggles, I'd compiled my own list of how I'd describe each school and asked Slice to do the same.


  1. Alabama: Entitled
  2. Arkansas: Dinner
  3. Auburn: Charmin
  4. Florida: Jorts
  5. Georgia: Jail
  6. Kentucky: Basketball
  7. LSU: Butthurt
  8. Mississippi State: Pet
  9. Missouri: Yankee
  10. Ole Miss: Oldfangled
  11. South Carolina: Troll
  12. Tennessee: Throw-up
  13. Texas A&M: Homoerotic
  14. Vanderbilt: σπασίκλα (Let me Google that for you)


  1. Georgia - Tolerable
  2. Kentucky - Doormat
  3. Missouri - Plummeting
  4. Vanderbilt - Punchline
  5. South Carolina - Dangerous
  6. Tennessee - Has-been
  7. Auburn - Nauseating
  8. Arkansas - Forgettable
  9. LSU - Physical
  10. Ole Miss - Average
  11. Texas A&M - Nouveau
  12. Alabama - Champion
  13. Mississippi State - Nondescript
  14. Florida - Underrated

So, what word would you use to describe each SEC school?