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Top 10 Things To Do in Atlanta 2014 Labor Day Weekend

Bama's second home.
Bama's second home.
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a sports nut, Atlanta is the place to be Labor Day Weekend 2014. There will be a cornucopia of events to tantalize the senses. Below is a sampling of the events:

Top 10 Things To Do in Atlanta 2013 Labor Day Weekend:

  1. ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE vs. WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS - well, duh. What else did you think would be #1? Saturday, August 30. Gates Open at 1:30pm ET. Kickoff is 3:30pm ET.
  2. Ole Miss Rebel Ackbar Black Bears vs. Boise State Smurfs Thursday, August 28 at the Georgia Dome. Kickoff is 8:00pm ET.ESPN
  3. Pep Rallies, Tailgating & Fanzone Saturday, August 31. Lotsa crazy stuff for kids and BIG kids to do around the Dome. Wander around CNN and Centennial Park. The Georgia Aquarium & World of Coca-Cola are close by as well.
  4. Dragon*Con Parade - If you are already downtown, you cannot miss this wackiness. For those of you not familiar with Dragon*Con, it is the Atlanta version of ComicCon Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention but with less Hollywood phonies. The parade is made up of hardcore fans who dress up as their favorite fictional character and march through downtown. Klingons, Stormtroopers, zombies, X-Men, Sailor Moons, and more: Saturday, 10am-?.
  5. The Atlanta Braves battle the Miami Marlins:
    Fri, 8/29 Marlins 7:35pm
    Sat, 8/30 Marlins 7:10pm
    Sun, 8/31 Marlins 5:10pm
  6. Tide_car_helmet_medium

    - Let your redneck flag fly! Friday is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Qualifying & Sprint Car Shootout $20, kids under 12 free with adult ticket. Saturday is not applicable since you will be downtown, right? Sunday is the Oral-B 500 under the lights, 7:30pm. Drinking is encouraged.
  7. Georgiatechhelmet_medium
    How about a college football Triple-Header? Catch the first half or so of the once-storied program Georgia Tech as they take on the mighty Wofford Terriers at historic Bobby Dodd Stadium, Saturday at 12:30 pm. In all seriousness, it is kind of a cool old stadium albeit small and outdated. Also, you can trod where the Bear once trod. It should be an easy ticket outside the stadium.
  8. The new College Football Hall of Fame has opened and I hear it has a lot of fun stuff for the kids. But be forewarned there are only 18 Bama players enshrined with 44 from Notre Dame, 31 from So Cal, 30 from Michigan... You get my drift? Advanced ticket purchase recommended.
  9. Georgia_state_medium
    If you just can't wait until Thursday to watch live college football, head down to the Georgia Dome Wednesday evening and see the worst team in FBS, Georgia State, as they battle lame-o FCS Abilene Christian Wildcats on Aug. 27 at 7pm. Tickets should be plentiful. They may even pay YOU to go.
  10. The Varsity - It will be packed but if you love fast food that is not good for you, don't miss this joint only a stone's throw away from Tech's stadium.

Watering Holes & Feedbags:

  • Hudson Grille - the place to be for Bama fans. They have long had an affiliation with the Crimson Tide in Atlanta. 120 Marietta Street, next to the CNN building. Look for the big blue letters reading "PHILIPS ARENA".
  • Park Bar - a cool little brick and mahogany bar across the street from Centennial Park. A personal fave of mine. 150 Walton Street to the left of a Subway sandwich shop.
  • Stats - not particularly a favorite of mine but they do have a cool feature of party tables with personal beer taps where you pay for as much as you pour. 300 Marietta St, next to the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • Der Biergarten - a couple of doors down from Stats. Beers and Brats! Also 300 Marietta St.
  • Dantana's - an "upscale sports bar". Located inside CNN Center.
  • Taco Mac - a longtime Atlanta dive bar that has blossomed into 28 locations across Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Lotsa beers on tap and lotsa TVs. Located inside Philips Arena.
  • CNN Center Food Court - it will be bedlam but cheap eats: Chick-fil-A, Arby's, Taco Bell, Chinese, Moe's & more.

Looking for a hotel downtown? Fugetaboutit!

Parking will be expensive unless you don't mind walking. BEWARE of lots with time limits. They will boot your car & piss you off. (see comments below for some suggestions)

Traffic will be crazy. MARTA is an option.

Got any other question? LMK and I will do my best to answer.

Not able to make to Atlanta? Tell us your local Bama Bar.