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Trey DePriest to miss opener against West Virginia

Not the type of news you want to hear just days before the season officially begins.

Kevin C. Cox

According to a report by, senior MLB Trey DePriest will miss the opener against West Virginia due to an undisclosed NCAA infraction. The report also states that DePriest will return in week two against Florida Atlantic.

Honestly, the effect of his suspension should be minimal given the fact that the HUNH WVU offense would force Alabama to play a lot nickle, meaning DePriest would spend most of the game on the side line.

"Saban pointed out that since DePriest, a preseason All-SEC selection by both the media and coaches, was limited for much of fall camp with an injury, his backups were able to get plenty of reps.

"Even though this wasn't something we anticipated, it was something we were able to prepare for," he said.

Reuben Foster and Reggie Ragland will fill in for DePriest against West Virginia, Saban said.Dillon Lee and Shaun Dion Hamilton will be next in line.

Saban doesn't expect DePriest's absence to have a noticeable impact on the game plan because West Virginia likes to go with multiple-receiver sets on offense that require fewer linebackers on the field.

"We'll probably be in nickel or dime in this game 70 percent or more," Saban said, "so there won't be a lot of regular [base defenses]."

On a positive note...

Alabama CB Eddie Jackson 'available' for season opener vs. West Virginia |

Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban quibbled with a reporter's use of the term "available," but said Jackson had made a "tremendous amount" of progress over the past 10 days. "I wouldn't rule out the fact he can play in this game," Saban said. "But I would rather go in to the game thinking we would use him if we needed to rather than pushing him in the game.