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Crimson, Whyte & Hunter Podcast/Alabama Fantasy Auction Draft

Billy and David talk the Alabama/West Virginia game and do their annual Alabama Fantasy Auction Draft

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Every week, David and I do this we like to refer to as a "podcast." Generally every Thursday or Friday we will do a show previewing the upcoming game and going over the big story lines of the week. Topics can range from going over the aftermath of DePriest's suspension, to discussing the implications of the O'Bannon ruling, to my absolute obsession and love of Landon Collins (AKA God's greatest gift to this Earth). This week we have two shows:

First, we predict everything that can possibly be predicted in one podcast:

On the second show, we preview the West Virginia game and close with our annual Alabama Fantasy Auction Draft:

Apologize ahead of time for occasionally echoing.

You can also download the iOS app to listen to the shows or any of the other content on Bama Sports Radio.

With the Auction Draft, every week along with the podcast post I will be updating y'all on the results of how our season-long fantasy match-up is going.

Scoring: 7 points for touchdowns of all kinds, 1 per 10 rec/rush yards, 1 per 25 pass yrds, 2 per 2pt conversion, -2 per off int, -2 per fumble lost, 7 per def int, 3 per sack, 3 per forced fumble (has to be recovered), 3 per fumble recovery, 3 per safety, 7 per blocked field goal, 1 per extra point, 3 per each FG 39 yrds or less, 4 per 40-49 yrd FG, and 5 per each 50+ yd FG. Obviously the points are more favorable to certain positions (like QB) which adds to the value of going after certain players.

Rules for the Auction: Each of us was donated $500,000 by kind generous boosters (who may or may not be involved with a certain Mercedes-Benz dealership) to spend on this hypothetical auction. We took turns nominating a player and the minimum bid has to be at least 10,000. We have 10 slots for our teams, so if we spent all of our money before we filled out the roster then we would end up then less then 10 players. You also have to spend all 500,000 during the draft. At any point during the season we can drop any of our players (in which the salary disappears) and add any player for $10,000 who was not drafted to our roster (in case of injury or when Altee Tenpenny becomes the next Shaun Alexander).

As you can tell by the results below, I believe my team is decently superior to David's. I was able to lock up both QBs and took advantage of David's conservative spending by acquiring most of the big name players early to the point David had 55,000 left to spend on Denzel Devall. Also by next week we should have clever team names, but if anyone has any suggestions, let us know below in the comments.

Auction Draft Results

Billy's Team                                                David's Team

$95,000 Amari Cooper $85,000 T.J. Yeldon
$20,000 Nick Perry $110,000 Derrick Henry
$70,000 Blake Sims $60,000 Jonathan Allen
$55,000 Reggie Ragland $50,000 A'Shawn Robinson
$80,000 Jake Coker
$40,000 O.J. Howard
$40,000 Trey DePriest $30,000 Reuben Foster
$90,000 Landon Collins $10,000 Adam Griffith
$30,000 Kenyan Drake $40,000 DeAndrew White
$10,000 D.J. Pettaway $20,000 Christion Jones
$10,000 Dillon Lee $55,000 Denzel Devall