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Nick Saban Post Game Press Conference

Highlights from Coach Saban's press conference immediately following the Bama-WVU game.

Sorry this is a bit late...
  • Saban was pleased with the control and balance we had on offense, especially on 3rd down.
  • He liked the way the team competed, mentions the two stops on defense inside the 10.
  • He mentions the defense didn't play with the leadership we had last year.
  • Lots of mental errors and guys who hit the wrong gaps.
  • Problems on defense were missed assignments and poor executions. Reiterates a lack of leadership (on defense) played a part in early misalignments. Too much confusion between linebackers and secondary.
  • Mentions Blake got rattled in 2nd quarter, told Coker to get warmed up if he doesn't settle down. Blake called the wrong play in the huddle (cause for two burned timeouts).
  • He does say that he felt Sims "Did a good job". 
  • Very happy with Adam Griffith's performance. Seemed almost like he expected it and wasn't surprised (by the four made FG's)
  • Jokes about running the no huddle "we can do it as much as we'd like".
  • Continues to joke how 'Bama is a dinosaur by playing "Two back, two TE's, Two wide outs".
  • DeAndrew White's shoulder doesn't seem serious. "Out a couple weeks, maybe just one".
  • Said the game played out "exactly how it was". "West Virginia was much better than anyone thought'.
  • Mentions the Va Tech game from '09 for comparison sake. (New QB, new LB)
  • This is where we are as a team, and improve together as a team.
  • Likes the team's attitude.
  • Berates the media for not listening to him about the team and what we had replace on both offense and defense.
  • Saban says Kiffin called a great game. Says he's a good coach and that the places that don't like him, don't like him cause he left (not because of what happened while he was there). "Just do a little research on that." Uh, coach, USC would disagree, me thinks.
  • West Virginia is an improved team (4-8 last year), especially on defense. Highlights the speed WVU has at running back.