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The Jumbo Package │08.05.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Otto Greule Jr

DirecTV Will Carry SEC Network; Five Biggest Live Video Providers Will Have Channel - Team Speed Kills

That means that the five largest providers of live video, and six of the top eight, will carry the network on its first day. In other words, Mike Slive and Co. have avoided the major bumps that accompanied the launches of the Big Ten Network and the Pac-12 Networks, both of whom struggled to secure deals with the highest-profile providers. As a result, the SEC's channel will have impressive reach when the middle of the month comes around.

Sorry if this is a dumb question -cause I honestly haven't been paying attention- but is the SECN like The NFL Sunday Package, that you have to purchase outside of your normal programming or will it be like the NFL Channel that you just have to simply up your "package" to get the SECN?

Alabama practice report: A quick positional change, update on Trey DePriest and some QB thoughts |

-- Cornerback Eddie Jackson was wearing a regular crimson jersey during the media viewing period, but he wore black after the early drills in Sunday's practice.

GOS and I were discussing this on twitter last night. The fact Eddie isn't wearing a black no contact jersey is certainly a positive sign moving forward. Last week I mentioned in the Camp Preview that until we had more information regarding the severity of his injury we had to leave him out of the discussions for starting corners in 2014. Well, now that we've seen him on the field, I think it's a safe bet he's firmly in the discussion. (thank the football gods)

What does Andy Dalton's six-year contract extension mean for AJ McCarron? |

Whatever the issue, McCarron remains on the non-football injury list with the Bengals heading toward their preseason opener on Thursday night, when they visit the Kansas City Chiefs, a game in which he normally could have expected to see plenty of playing time.

If the man is hurt, he's hurt but I can't help but think — get it together AJ.

Anthony Bosch surrenders to DEA - ESPN

Sources told "Outside the Lines" that MLB players and other pro athletes are not the focus of the federal investigation; rather, authorities focused solely on potential illegal activities involving Bosch and other associates.

At least 25 players, either by name or nickname, appeared in clinic documents reviewed by "Outside the Lines," though MLB lacked sufficient evidence to bring suspensions against all of them. Sources have indicated the number of MLB players who dealt with Bosch over the years could be significantly higher. Records reveal Bosch also serviced athletes from other sports, entertainers and South Florida business-types, often prescribing regimens of growth hormone and testosterone.

Though this has nothing directly to do with Alabama, I heard on my drive in this morning that Bosch's associates are being investigated for supplying drugs to minors. That parents and coaches are thought to have brought their kids to the clinic to receive HGH and steroid injections, alone with other drugs that weren't mentioned.

First thought — What in the world are parents thinking?

Second thought — I sure hope the "minors" weren't Alabama recruits

/Immediately hates himself for that second thought

Former Alabama RB Dee Hart officially joins Colorado State, excited to play for Jim McElwain |

In his three injury-plagued seasons at Alabama -- the first of which he redshirted after tearing his ACL during an offseason workout -- Hart ran for 166 yards and a touchdown. He emerged as a standout on special teams in 2013 and finished with nine tackles. "Relationships is what life is all about,"

McElwain said. "I've known him, his family, his coaches and the people who looked after him. It was one of those deals that when the opportunity came up, they felt it would be really good for him to come here with us. His people back there trust me, know I'll take care of him and make sure he does what is right."

Roll Hart!

Steve Spurrier takes shot at Big Ten - SEC Blog - ESPN

"The Big 5 conferences all playing each other, I don’t think that makes a lot of sense, really," he told reporters in Columbia. "Out of conference, playing East Carolina is a lot tougher game than maybe picking up one of those bottom Big Ten teams." Shots fired.

When Spurrier isn't trolling Saban and Alabama, he's a pretty entertaining fella.

CECIL HURT: Alabama newcomers certainly pass the initial eye test |

Darren Lake was injured all year and Brandon Ivory never seemed to quite get it, despite ample opportunity (another reason that it is a disappointment to see him start 2014 on the suspended list.) So there are more big guys — Josh Frazier, Johnny Dwight, and O.J. Smith. Frazier in particular looks the part. DeShawn Hand won’t be on the nose, but even he was thicker than his prep reputation as a pass-rushing end might have indicated.

Alabama Crimson Tide team preview - ESPN

Most important game: You could argue Auburn as being the game for Alabama, and you might be right. But in terms of timing and playoff implications, the Crimson Tide’s Nov. 8 trip to LSU carries more weight. With all due respect to Ole Miss and Tennessee, going to Baton Rouge will mark the first real road test of the season for Alabama. If the Tide survives Death Valley, the Iron Bowl will loom large. If not, the stakes won’t be quite so high.

To me, this is just further proof that LSU-Bama is now the premier rivalry in the SEC (though it seems to be subsiding just a bit). Don't get me wrong, the Iron Bowl just jumped up a few notches, but the early November match up between the Tigers and Tide has been the game in the SEC since 2007.

So, I know we all hate Auburn, but when it comes to national and SEC implications, which rivalry is bigger (or more important? Bama-LSU or Bama- Auburn?

/prepares to be yelled at for even mentioning the thought that LSU-Bama is even close to the Iron Bowl, regardless of the facts

Upset special: Watch out for Ole Miss on Oct. 4. Alabama easily beat the Rebs in Tuscaloosa last season, but going on the road to Oxford will be a doozy. Ole Miss shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I'll say it now and I'll say it again, don't look past Ole Miss this year, at least in terms of pulling the upset.

Kevin Norwood sidelined by foot injury at Seattle Seahawks' training camp |

"I think we're waiting for some more information," Carroll said of Norwood's status at a press conference on Monday. "We're going to take our time with him. He's not going to come back right away. It'll be a bit." Norwood participated in the Seahawks' first full day of training camp on July 25, but has hardly been on the field since. Last week, Carroll seemed to think a little rest was what Norwood needed.

"He's had a foot that was sore back in the OTAs," the coach said in his postpractice press conference on July 27, "and he came back on the first day and felt it again. So were going to rest him until Tuesday and see how he does coming back. He had an old surgery in school, and we've checked it all out. There are no big problems with it, but he does have a sore foot, so we're resting him."

Practice footage