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The Jumbo Package │09.11.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

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Monken says bold gameplan necessary for Alabama

Since the start of the 2013 season (14 games), Monken’s Golden Eagles have come up empty-handed on 63 drives of five plays or more. Over the same span, 20 Southern Miss drives have reached into its opponents’ red zone, only to come away without a touchdown.

Mullens said stats like those are the kind that keeps the Golden Eagles from putting teams away when they have a chance. "We have to get the ball in the end zone," he said. "Field goals are nice, points are nice, but if we score touchdowns right there (against Alcorn State), then the game is a different story. Just being able to finish and working as a unit on offense to get the ball in the end zone is something we’ve got to work on."

Based on the gameplan laid out in this article, it looks like our DB's will get some work and our defensive line will be able to show off their pass rush..

Young Alabama WRs making moves but Nick Saban's far from satisfied through 2 games |

Then there was Foster's first and only catch of the day. Thrown by Jacob Coker, it was much like the screen passes that helped Amari Cooper to a school-record 13 receptions. But the inexperience came through for the former 5-star recruit. "There's a certain spot that he's supposed to run and he doesn't run to it and he probably would have walked into the end zone if he did," Saban said. "So it's those kind of things that young players have to learn it's important to do things right, correct, right technique and it takes a lot of repetition."

Let's pretend Georgia vs. South Carolina is a normal football game -

The loser of this game always ends up with a "backs against the wall" storyline, but if South Carolina is the losing team, that narrative will ring true. Georgia played like a Playoff-caliber team in its win over Clemson, while South Carolina has yet to show the top-10 prowess it was supposed to have. In a rational, sensible universe, Georgia has the edge, even in Columbia.

I'm not sure what to make of UGA or USCe yet. UGA looked good against Clemson, but it's Clemson. And I was never very high on USCe to begin with. It'll probably be one of the better games in all of CFB but that's not saying much.

Alabama football: White to miss Southern Miss game - The Anniston Star: Sports

"He actually is running and doing some things, but we don’t think he’s ready to play this week," Saban said. "Hopefully we’ll be able to see how he progresses next week and make a decision late in the week on where he is next week."

Rest up, White. I think we got ya covered against Southern Miss.

Alabama practice report: Updating wide receiver injuries, O-line movement in steamy workout |

-- There were several players rotating on the offensive line. For a while Dominick Jackson worked with the first group at right tackle, followed by Grant Hill. Regular starter Austin Shepherd rotated in after that.

-- Leon Brown continued with the first team at right guard.

I'd actually like to see Jackson and Hill get most the work at RT this Saturday. When you play two of your cupcakes in back to back weeks after just three weeks of the season, getting the inexperienced guys some reps will be key for later on down the schedule when they may be asked to step in and play against an LSU, Auburn, or A&M.

Florida vs. Alabama: SEC showdown set for 3:30 p.m. kickoff on CBS - Alligator Army

Given that Alabama hasn't lost at home since 2012, when Johnny Manziel led Texas A&M to an upset of the Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium, and has just three losses at home since 2008, Florida's not going to have a better chance to make waves than it will next week for quite a while.

I'm expecting the UF game to be an absolute slugfest. The Gators have the defense to bottle up our offense but do they have enough fire power on offense to exploit our weaknesses on defense?

Are defenses playing Alabama differently this year? Balanced weapons creating difficult decisions |

Through two games, Alabama's offensive production featured 59 percent passing yardage. Of the 51 passes completed, Cooper's caught almost half (25) for a national-best 319 yards. The Tide's still running the ball 53 percent of the time. Yeldon's 30 carries and 169 yards are followed by Henry's 22 attempts and 136 yards

Week 3 power rankings for each college football conference -

Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU, Florida, and Arkansas beat Florida Atlantic, San Jose State, Lamar, Sam Houston State, Eastern Michigan, and Nicholls State by a combined margin of 367-23. Just so we’re absolutely clear, that’s a real statistic, not something I made up for rhetorical impact. The best team of that sorry bunch is probably San Jose State, which entered the week ranked No. 74 in F/+. Sadly, Ole Miss’ thrashing over conference opponent Vanderbilt doesn’t look like it qualifies as a much more impressive win.

Speaking of horrible SEC scheduling practices. The league has no business rolling out that lineup in week two; it's just embarrassing. And honestly week three is not much better. With 14 teams in a league there's no excuse to have only UGA/USC and UF/UK scheduled in week three.

Oh, and it looks like someone finally found the .gif of Nick Perry getting runt over..


Outside of the being run over part, that wasn't a very good effort by our front 7 in run defense either...