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Your Friday Hoodoo, Sweetheart, and Worry Index Thread: Southern Miss Golden Eagles

Sweetheart deployed and ready.

What exactly is a Hoodoo and Worry Index? You can find out here

RBR Worry Index: .5

Nick Saban


Write this down: Southern Miss is not a good football team.

Before you get all gumpy/ preachy on me, we here at RBR follow the Process© and respect each opponent equally, but we, or at least some of us, are not void of logic and reason. By all accounts, and I do mean all, this game will be over before the 2nd quarter begins.

This is a Golden Eagle team coming off an 1-11 season, a 0-49 loss to Mississippi State, and a 20-26 win over Alcorn State last week.

Write this down: Southern Miss is not a good football team.

You'll likely see a heavy dose of Jake Coker, the second string offense and defense, along with a few 3rd/4th strings and walk-ons. Consider this game the final tune up before the SEC schedule hits full gear next week.

Things to look for:

- Eddie Jackson: In only his second game of the season, how does the knee look? Will he get more snaps? How's his tackling form?

- Right Guard: Will we finally see either Leon Brown or Alphonse Taylor secure the RG starting spot the week before Florida?

- Jake Coker: Will he improve from the FAU game and will it be enough to prove to the staff he can take on the starting job if called upon (one day)?

- Package plays for Sims: Tons of speculation going around on whether or not we'll see some package plays for Sims (see Pop-Pass) that could utilize his strength as a runner. Will we see any against Southern Miss or will we have to wait another week?

- Tight-ends: Will either of our starting TE's catch a pass?