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A Different Kind of Press Conference Recap| 09.15.14

Billy gives his recap to Nick Saban's Press Conference before the Florida Game

This week David was forced to miss the press conference due to being under the weather. In that regard he is similar to Florida, who lost a close battle to the weather earlier this season. Or he is suspended for first half of the Florida week for targeting after attempting to forcibly knock down the Coke bottle on Saban's podium. Legally, I can not say which one.

When I think of Florida only one thing comes to mind:


Really nothing else matters. You could say some things about a Heisman trophy or his infamous speech following the loss to Ole MIss or his national titles. I don't care, Tebow cried. You could talk about Alabama and Florida's rivalry or the fact the Ol' Ball Coach himself has a long history with Florida or the fact Will Muschamp is a former defensive coordinator for Saban. And I will repeat: I don't care, Tebow cried. That's all that matters this week.

Weekly Saban Wardrobe Watch Presented by Coca-Cola: Saban today is rocking a black polo today, black pants, and a wristwatch. Not a lot of movement from Saban today, as he pretty much kept himself standing still the entire time. He didn't even glance at the Coca-Cola bottle next to him, which makes me wonder about Saban's relationship with this whole sponsorship. The connection between Coca-Cola and Alabama is a long running one, but does Saban even like it? Is he a Pepsi guy? Does he not like soda? I have never seen him hold the bottle this season. More importantly, is this great cutout all a lie?



Notes from the Presser:

  • Players of the week this week: Amari Cooper, Austin Shepherd, Blake Sims, Amari Cooper, Landon Collins, Xzavier Dickson, Trey DePriest, Amari Cooper, Rashaan Evans, Kenyan Drake, Amari Cooper, Amari Cooper, and Amari Cooper.
  • Saban said the team the team needs to do a better job preparing and executing. For the fourth straight week. I feel like at this point he pretty much could just play an audio recording for the first minute of the press conference.
  • Saban stated that every left on the schedule is good and that there will be no more easy games. I know what y'all are thinking when you hear that, there is a game left on the schedule that should be really easy that Alabama could win without even trying. And I just want to say that while on paper it seems easy, Tennessee is actually halfway decent this year.
  • DeAndrew White is practicing all week and the team will see how he does before deciding if he will play. Jarrick Williams will start running and doing drills but probably a much greater long shot. Also there is hope that O.J. Howard will play his first game this Saturday.
  • Saban praised Florida's offense with Kurt Roper, stating that Driskel has played very well. If you don't see the joke in that statement then here is some helpAnd this too.
  • Saban said he has a tremendous amount of respect for Will Muschamp, and he is one of the best assistant coaches he has ever had. Honestly since he is so good at it, I feel like Muschamp should go back to being an assistant coach as his current gig isn't going so well.
It is halftime of the press conference recap, meaning time for our brand new weekly segment: "Dumb question asked by an Alabama media."

Someone asked Saban that since he was bothered by explosive plays against Southern Miss, in SEC football can explosive players make even more explosive plays? In other news fast wide receivers can be very hard to keep up with, strong defensive lineman are hard to block, and it's generally better when a quarterback has a strong arm then when he doesn't.

Before we get back to the recap, here is Tebow crying again but this time on the cover of NCAA Football.

  • Someone asked if it was important to get more players involved in the passing game besides Cooper. Saban responded with he thinks what they have done so far has worked pretty well. Well played Nick, well played.
  • Saban said Cooper is rare in that he is good against the press and out of the break considering most players are just good at one or the other. He also said Cooper has great hands, good ball skills, great release, ate the whole wheel of cheese, can walk on water, and helped create the universe as we know it today.
  • With only three questions left, Saban was asked about what Roper did specifically to help the Florida offense. Saban responded by saying that he brought in a brand new system from Duke that helps spread the ball out and allow a very balanced offensive attack out of the spread. Alright guys we are getting close.
  • With only two questions left, someone asked about Demarcus Robinson on Florida and his ability as a receiver. Saban said he is one of the tougher receivers in football, takes good advantages of opportunities and is a complete player. Come on we are almost there.
  • With the last question, Saban was asked about the offensive line and Sims' elusiveness. Saban responded that they have done a good job so far, but they will have to develop as they are challenged more in SEC play. We did it guys we did it! Not a single question about the QB Battle from the Alabama Sports Media! Hallelujah! In celebration, here is a gif this time of Tebow crying.

Quick Serious Thoughts:

  • The quarterback battle is over at this point. While the depth chart still lists Sims and Coker as co-starters, this is the first week Saban didn't mention it and it is clear from anyone who watched the game on Saturday as Sims played late into the third quarter. But in all seriousness our focus on the quarterback competition is kind of absurd to begin with. At every single position there is a constant competition. If Amari Cooper stops playing well then he won't play and will be benched. If Landon Collins stops playing well then he wont play and will be benched. So if hypothetically Sims plays poorly and Coker comes in, this is not the brewing of a quarterback controversy, just what happens at every single position. Especially with the quarterback position, as seen by UCF, Vanderbilt, and countless other schools the first couple of weeks
  • I'm really fascinated to see what Alabama does with their secondary with Nick Perry's suspension. In dime sets, Alabama used Landon Collins as the second slot corner along with Geno Smith at the other slot, Eddie Jackson/Cyrus Jones at outsider corner, and Nick Perry/Jabriel Washington at safety. The team at the very least will primarily be in nickel situations against Florida. Geno Smith is the backup free safety, so will he be moved to free safety with Maurice Smith at the star position? Or will Bradley Sylve/Tony Brown get worked in at the star spot? Will Jabriel Washington play safety when Geno Smith plays the star role? It is easier to plug in backups against a team like Southern Miss with a huge lead, so will be interesting to see how Alabama lines up against Florida.
  • It seems that Leon Brown has won the right guard spot for now. But with Dominick Jackson being used more in heavy sets and goal-line packages (as a lead blocker) I wouldn't be surprised if he got worked into the offensive line rotation if Alabama struggles against Florida in the trenches.
  • We saw Brandon Ivory play more nose Saturday with A'Shawn Robinson lined up more often at the 3 and 5 technique spots then usual. And it is absolutely evident that Robinson is more effective as a one-gap penetrator than in the two-gap zero technique. I think Saban is trying to hard to make Robinson like Marcel Dareus when he really isn't that type of player.