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Your Friday Hoodoo, Sweetheart, & Worry Index Thread │Florida

Should we be worrying about the Florida Gators?

What exactly is a Hoodoo and Worry Index? You can find out here

Sorry for my absence on the site the last week or so but real life has kicked me in the teeth (in a good way) and extra time isn't something I have a lot of. Hopefully things calm down soon, as I adjust to the new job and schedule, but I wanted to let everyone know I'm still and haven't pulled a Kleph.

That said...I'm worried.

Florida Worry Index Level: 5

Bill Curry


Won some games, 26 in fact, handled the also rans, but you were never really confident in the outcome, especially against Auburn. Alabama will have to bring their A-game if they have any plans on notching an X in the win column.

My generally feeling is that people are putting too much weight in UF's struggles against Kentucky. Maybe Florida was looking ahead? Maybe they didn't take UK seriously? Perhaps the 'Cats just played hard and much better than anyone anticipated? Maybe Florida just isn't that good....Honestly, I could ask the same question of Alabama.

Our secondary is still an issue. Our offensive line has yet to be seriously tested. Sims has yet to be tested. Lord, even our wide receivers haven't had to work hard to get open. WVU gave us everything they had but Florida is a team that can match our size, speed, and for lack of a better term— punch us in the mouth.

Questions bouncing through my head:

Can Florida stuff our run with just their front 7?

If they can, will Sims be able to make the throws necessary for force UF to respect the passing game?

What will happen if he can't?

How will our secondary handle the Florida passing game? (I know we are talking Jeff Driskel here but I don't trust our secondary)

If we are able to run the ball effectively and Sims is able to make the throws he's been making since West Virginia, I'm confident we walk away with a victory. The worry is "If we can't, and if he can't".

So fire away with your own hoodoo and tell me why I shouldn't be worrying about this game.