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Calling All Gumps Podcast │Episode Two

Bammer and JTadpole discuss their takeaways from the Bama-West Virginia game

Christopher Furlong

We are back at it again, but this time we get to talk about some actual football!

Topics include:

  • Positive takeaways from the game - Cam Rob, Cyrus Jones, Jalston Fowler, Amari Cooper
  • Negative takeaways- Linebackers, secondary, injury to DeAndrew White/Jarrick Williams
  • What we want to see next week against FAU

And of course...

  • The quarterback battle at hand
  • Assessing Blake Sims' performance
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If you have any questions or topics you'd like for JTad and I to discuss on a weekly basis, please place them in the comments below or email us at

Roll Tide!

P.S. The intro music today is Hold On from the Alabama Shakes