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Nick Saban Post Florida Game Press Conference Recap

  • Starts off by talking about the sloppiness and how the turnovers meant 21 points for Florida.
  • The offense settled in and controlled the line of scrimmage (in the 2nd half)
  • Florida was +7 in turnovers before the Alabama game.
  • They (Bama) emphasized turnovers during this past week of practice.
  • We did "some good things", just played inconsistent and sloppy at times.
  • Liked how we played defensively, points to run defense "That's what they (Florida) likes to do".
  • Proud of the way our guys overcame adversity.
  • Not happy with penalties and turnovers but seems happy with the way the team competed.
  • Got a question about going after Vernon Hargraves early "We are going to try to get the ball to Coop".
  • Complimented Blake on 3rd down. Mentions holding one hand on the ball is something we have to fix.
  • Says teams have to respect Blake Sims as a passer now "He's made too many good throws". '
  • Says Coker did a good job finishing the drive when Sims got hurt.
  • Sims has a bruised right shoulder; the bye week will help him heal up but he'll be sore for a while.
  • He's (Sims) "done a really good job, a really really good job."
  • Tony Brown did a really good job. Jarrick could have played. Mo Wiliams played star because "Landon had to play safety for Perry." Nick Perry could have played in the 2nd half.
  • Seemed frustrated that Eddie can't stay healthy enough to stay on the field or practice.
  • Penalties and turnovers seem uncharacteristic based on what he's seen so far from this team. These issues are correctable.
  • Penalty on Ryan Kelly on 2nd and goal from the one was on the quarterback who called the wrong cadence.
  • Speaks highly of Coop's work ethic and that everyone knows he's going to do everything the right way. He's a weapon when teams load the box to stop the run.
  • Says the sloppy play in the first on offense was due to Sims not controlling the game (from a communication stand point). Does say his decision making and throwing the ball to the right place has improved.
  • The long touchdown run by Florida was a bad call on defense. Played split safeties and didn't have enough guys in the box. Says that was really only the one bad play by the front seven.
  • We wore them down (in the running game) in the 2nd half. Time of possession began to take its toll.
  • Halftime adjustments allowed for run game effectiveness in the 4th.