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The Jumbo Package │09.25.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban called Alabama defense 'soft,' LB Reggie Ragland took it personally and responded |

When you're a football player, you're known to be tough, smash mouth especially coming here," Ragland said. "When your coach calls you out, you definitely have to respond to it." Florida managed just 200 yards in the 42-21 Alabama win and didn't gain more than 31 yards on any one drive. Saban complimented the defense's ability to clog the running lanes for a Florida offense that looks to pound the ball. The motivation for Ragland to make the big hit on Jones was simple.

"I was just trying to make the play so I don't get cussed out on the sideline," he said. "I just saw him so I knew I needed to make the play."

The defense seemed to be playing much faster and more confident against Florida, but like I asked Jtad in our podcast (which you should listen to) was that due to playing a more traditional offense and not a HUNH?

Take Two: Are you taking Amari Cooper or Todd Gurley? - ESPN

We’re talking apples and oranges, people. Unlike running backs, most receivers are dependent on the quarterback, after all. But Cooper isn’t most receivers. Cooper may not be as physically impressive as Gurley. He may not run with the same ferocity. But Cooper is every bit the star. If I were starting a football team from scratch, I would take the junior receiver No. 1 overall.

What a stupid question but good answer. You may as well ask would you rather take a QB or Safety? Punter or Right Guard? Water Boy or the guy who puts stickers on the helmets..

Alabama practice report: The latest on Blake Sims' recovery, DeAndrew White's injury |

QB Blake Sims (shoulder) did everything but throw during the media viewing session. When the quarterbacks went through a gauntlet to test their fumbling skills, Sims swatted with his left, non-throwing arm. He went through non-throwing agility drills just like the rest of the quarterbacks. When the group worked on long rollout throws, Sims rolled out and held on to the ball. During drills with the receivers, Sims dropped back alongside Jacob Coker but didn't throw any passes.

-- Of note with White, his injury is a new one and not a recurrence of the shoulder injury that kept him out of two games. The senior wore a boot on his left foot.

-- Jones did not have any noticeable braces, etc. His injury was not disclosed by Alabama coach Nick Saban on Tuesday.

Nick Saban points to one key play demonstrating Cam Robinson's growth as Alabama's left tackle |

Robinson faked the pass block on Fowler, then sprinted downfield where he found safety Keanu Neal. In the open field, Robinson bowled over the 6-foot-1, defensive back who gives up 117 pounds to the offensive lineman. It was the key block that freed Yeldon for the 37-yard play. Robinson pumped his fist as he ran behind Yeldon down the Alabama sideline.

"He missed that block in the West Virginia game or we'd have made a big play," Saban said. "He made it in this game and we made a big play. He's getting better and better and I think he's playing with more confidence because of the knowledge and experience that he has. He has played better every game, and he played his best game the last game."

It was a great block and Cam has been one of the biggest (literally) surprises of the season. We all expected him to start but he's played about as well as you could expect and then some.

The Acrostical, Week 4: Just go outside -

El Tractorcito

If Alabama fans do not embrace the Spanish language announcers' nickname for running back Derrick Henry, then they are wasting one of the greatest college football nicknames and visuals ever.

/Click the link.

//Scroll down.

///Look at the image.

//// Forever refer to Derrick Henry as El Tractorcito.

Dominick Jackson finds role in Alabama's offense that goes beyond - and through - the offensive line |

On his Thursday radio show, Saban said Jackson was "probably Alabama's best backup and maybe one of the best five." Jackson worked at a number of spots throughout the preseason but primarly has been seen with the second team at right tackle.

Jackson also was seen working with the first team offensive line at right guard this week. With the way our interior run game has been struggling, I'm not surprised the staff is looking for someone to step up at RG.

Power ranking every college football conference heading into Week 5 -

With Mississippi State and Arkansas surging in the West and Missouri losing a head-scratcher at home to Indiana, all seven SEC West teams are ranked ahead of the third-best team from the East.

Jameis Winston's lawyer, accuser's lawyer make accusations - Tomahawk Nation

Jameis Winston's attorney has been firing back at the woman who accused him of sexual assault. Ultimately, the evidence against Winston was not strong enough for a charge or arrest, much less a conviction, the State Attorney decided in late 2013. Wednesday, TMZ Sports obtained a letter Winston's attorney sent to Florida State University.

I didn't see this mentioned in yesterday's comments but I figured it needed to at least be brought up since we talked Winston last week. In this article Bud supplies you with everything you need to know about the Winston case. (just don't read the comment section)

Read the documents released by investigators, which include multiple drug and toxicity screenings showing neither drugs (including "date rape" drugs) nor an excessive amount of alcohol, and decide for yourself: Newlin's investigative report (.pdf) Investigative report (.pdf) Investigative report II (.pdf)

I will try to be judicious here because this case brings about emotions and heated debate. Most people have already made their mind up regarding Winston's guilt or innocence and my fear would be that those people (on both sides) have done so without knowing the facts of the case. Also, much has been said about this case in the media but sadly most of it has been opinion and not fact or at the very least facts were left out of reports..


If you care to read the facts and not just hyperbole, then do so. The documents are right there. If you don't care to do so and would rather continue to be believe rumors that may or may not have happened, well, I guess that is an option.

This is the letter from Jameis Winston's attorney to Florida State - Tomahawk Nation and the Tallahassee Democrat obtained the letter and made all 13 pages embeddable, below.

This letter is a clear attempt to turn the narrative in favor of Jameis Winston. The timing is odd given Winston was just suspended last week but I don't really think TMZ cares about that (Maybe they do and that's why they released the letter). If these statements can be verified, and indeed Winston was being extorted, then that would be the smoking gun Winston and FSU fans have been looking for. However, if it can't be substantiated, then it's just more noise in an already crowded and deafening room.

I do feel the toxicology reports are quite damning to the alleged victim since she claimed to be drunk/drugged at the time of the rape. Not saying this means she's lying, just that the facts do not back up that particular statement.

One part I find interesting is that in the letter Winston's attorney apparently calls out FSU for how they've handled the Title IX investigation. Maybe I'm crazy, but if your client has just been suspended by the President and AD of the University, maybe right now is not the best time to go on the offensive.

Jameis Winston of Florida State Seminoles to cooperate with Title IX investigation into rape allegations - ESPN

In the letter, Cornwell accused Patricia Carroll, who represented the accuser at the time, of requesting a $7 million settlement from Winston to drop her claims. Cornwell wrote in the letter that Carroll's request was "immediately rejected."

John Clune, the woman's Colorado-based Title IX attorney, denied that Carroll ever requested the money, saying in a statement that it was Cornwell who contacted Carroll "to discuss paying off our client." Settlement discussions, according to Clune, were "immediately unproductive," and the accuser's attorneys decided to discontinue the talks.

"Although it is our understanding that settlement was discussed at that meeting, no authorized demands were made of Mr. Winston," Clune said in a statement.

So here's the rebuttal and if THESE claims can be verified, well then Winston is the one who looks bad here. I do find it interesting that the alleged victim's attorney has yet to deny this..

Cornwell also says Carroll claimed her client's sexual encounter had to be rape, because she would never sleep with a "black boy." Fact is ... the alleged victim's boyfriend at the time was black. The criminal case fell apart, partly because the alleged victim had semen from 2 different men on her shorts.

But chose instead to say she would not comment further because any statement would be "redundant". If she did say this, and again it can be proven, (which probably can't happen) her credibility and possibly the alleged victim's goes straight out the window.

I'm sure more will come out today but for now, if you care, read the reports supplied above, the letter, and statements by both attorneys and make your own judgment call.