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Alabama Frozen Tide Hockey to Livestream Games in '14-'15

But, don't be chintzy, donate $5 so they can buy the equipment.

Besides, the Tide owns the Auburn Tigers like a rented mule...That's worth $5.
Besides, the Tide owns the Auburn Tigers like a rented mule...That's worth $5.

We are finalizing the agreements as to the platform on which we will broadcast. The most likely arrangement that is that it will be broadcast through LiveStream with Cleeng being our pay-per-view partner. The individual game costs will be $6.99 per game with a fee charged by Cleeng for processing the payments. This makes our season pass available through KickStarter the best value that we will ever offer for the video broadcasts in 2014-15.

This is exciting stuff for those of us who follow the Frozen Tide's fortunes but can't always make the trip to Birmingham, the Tide's home ice. And, while the demand exists, the Frozen Tide needs your help. Please visit the Kickstarter page and see how $5 can help a talented squad get further off the ground.

The video equipment that is necessary to run a quality production for you our fans is roughly $20,000 including subscription fees for the streaming service, etc. As we go beyond our goal of $3,000 to augment these costs, we will begin to add equipment and software which will allow us to improve the quality of the production. These items could be a 3rd HD camera, higher quality microphones, wires, computers, etc. that are necessary for the operation of this project.

Those of you old enough to remember when Alabama didn't have a dominant gym team will recall the tales of Sarah and David Patterson starting the dynasty with a few gym mats and a lot of cash out of their own pockets. Now is the chance for all of us to watch a new sport flourish, and to be on the ground-floor in helping them succeed.