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The Jumbo Package │09.30.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

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Alabama HATE WEEK - Red Cup Rebellion

There are few programs in all of college football loathed more than the Alabama Crimson Tide. Above all, they win a lot. The hatred we feel for them is the same as the hatred felt for the New York Yankees, LA Lakers, and Manchester United. They're a part of the sports elite, and we resent them for it. Their head coach is despised as a greedy, soulless conniver who values victory more than ethics. Much of the Alabama media covering the Crimson Tide are just as void of integrity and perspective, and the fans... Oh Lord, the Alabama fans.

If you enjoy good ole fashion hate, then RCR is the place for you. Why? Because these guys know how to hate on a team without any particular rhyme or reason. And I get it. You're Ole Miss. There isn't a state worse off than you, so I understand why you'd walk around with a chip on your shoulder. Even the great states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee look down on you with disgust and pity. So when all you have is the Grove and nothing else, you're left with an in-superiority complex the size of Hugh Freeze's list of horrible play calls.

Watch Alabama outside linebackers work on avoiding cut blocks in preparation for Ole Miss |

Steele told the linebackers to focus with one hand on turning the helmet and with the back hand on the blocker's shoulder pads. He corrected linebacker Dillon Lee after one drill. "Keep that outside foot back and protect that knee," Steele said. Watch the outside linebackers work on avoiding cut blocks in this video, with Steele.

As an ex-lineman who has seen first hand what can happen to a defender's knees while being cut blocked, I loathe this style of blocking with an undying passion. With all the rules protecting the quarterback and defenseless wide receivers, why not make a rule outlawing cut blocks and protect someone who's not on the offensive side of the ball for a change?

Hamstring injury won't keep Ole Miss' SEC interceptions leader from Alabama game |

The SEC leader in interceptions had a hamstring injury for two weeks, the Clarion-Ledger reported, but he plans to be out there at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. "No, no question," Golson said. "I'll be out there Saturday." Golson has three interceptions for an Ole Miss team whose nine picks tops the SEC rankings and is tied for second nationally. He left Saturday's win over Memphis in visible pain, but spoke to reporters Monday.

Saban said the Ole Miss D has a "ball hawking" secondary, and they'll have their best hawker (is that a word?) ready play this weekend.

After Years of Dashed Expectations, Ole Miss Looks to Back Up Its Talk on the Field - Team Speed Kills

This year's Ole Miss defense has stood up to every challenge. On Saturday against Memphis, the Tigers were held to 104 yards, including just 23 rushing yards on 31 attempts. Through four games, the Rebels rank fourth in total defense and third in scoring defense nationally, along with being the eighth-ranked S&P defense entering the Memphis game. Until the Memphis game, Wallace and the Ole Miss offense had two and a half games of outstanding play since the first half of the Boise State game.

On Saturday, Wallace regressed -- throwing two passes that were intercepted in the red zone and ending another possession with a fumble. The Ole Miss offense, as a whole, moved the ball. The Rebels had 426 yards of offense, but that was the season low so far.

Hugh Freeze urges Ole Miss fans to 'enjoy the journey,' sizes up 'super explosive' Amari Cooper |

"It certainly happened faster than I thought possible when we first got here, so I'm thankful and I thank God every day for this job and the opportunity we have to impact the lives of the kids in our program and also the opportunity to compete," Freeze said, according to quotes provided by Ole Miss' athletics website. "I'm going to enjoy this week.

"Whatever happens with this game Saturday you can't make too much of it — too much of a win or too much of a loss. There's a lot of season left and a lot to play for. I do think we have been on a short journey and come a long way in a short time."

Alabama Crimson Tide faces biggest test yet at Ole Miss Rebels Week 6 - ESPN

Ole Miss, on the other hand, should give Alabama everything it can handle. Wallace may be up and down as a passer, but when he's hot, he can really sling it. He's elusive in the pocket and knows Hugh Freeze's offense like the back of his hand. Plus, he's protected by an offensive line that stars one of the best tackles in the SEC in Laremy Tunsil.

Alabama's secondary won't be able to sleepwalk by the Rebs. Treadwell is one of the most productive receivers in the country and Evan Engram is a constant mismatch at tight end. And that's not to mention Cody Core and Vince Sanders, who are difficult to account for in their own right. If you're Saban, you're worried because your top cornerback is generously listed at 5-foot-10, your second-best cornerback, Eddie Jackson, has health concerns, and your third-best cornerback, Tony Brown, is a true freshman.

Healthy Eddie Jackson to compete with Tony Brown for starting Alabama cornerback job |

"Tony Brown played pretty well in the (Florida) game," Nick Saban said. "So those two guys will probably compete through the course of the week and we'll see how it ends up later in the week based on how they perform and how they're able to perform relative to their physical circumstances." Jackson was able to practice "quite a bit," during the bye week, Saban said, and he'll get more opportunity this week.

Who would have thought 6 months ago that Cyrus Jones would have locked down the #1 corner spot four games into the season?

How does anyone look at FSU right now and see a better team than Alabama or Auburn? |

How do you do it? How do you look at Florida State right now and see a better football team than Alabama or Auburn? Could someone please explain all this FSU love?

So here's the thing about the complaint that FSU (or any defending champ) staying #1 while not looking particularly good. Yes they haven't played very well. The offensive line, especially at center, hasn't played very well to date and defense is struggling early but if the shoe were on the other foot you know Bama fans would demand the Tide stay #1 until they lost a game.

Like it or not, that's how polls work. Now, if you want to complain that polls are stupid and shouldn't be based off last year's results, fine, we can have that debate but I'm fairly certain (outside of 2012 I believe) Alabama followed up it's national championship with a #1 preseason ranking (despite all its personnel losses). So, given this, until the defending champs who are on a 20 game win streak lose a game, they should stay #1.