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Team Speed Kills SEC Power Poll, Week 6: RBR's Ballot

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As always, the Mothership has the composite rankings; here's our ballot (almost identical with composite, save the swap of Georgia-Ole Miss.)

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.
Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama:Looked dominant against Bye. Ole Miss will be the best defense this team plays all season, and the biggest test for the new & improved Alabama offense. \

  2. Texas A&M Aggies: Annoying habit of making big plays when they most need them. Lost in the hype of the offense, and how good Arkansas looked, is that the Aggies only allowed 7 points in the second half. Great adjustments.

  3. Auburn: I still don't trust this team to win a game where they must rely on a still-shaky defense (a defense that has yet to face an offense of note), or a running game that, for all its accolades, is quite pedestrian until the game is out of reach.

  4. Mississippi State: With Ole Miss flailing about in sloppy wins over Memphis and Boise, and the Bulldogs' dominating win in Baton Rouge, I think you have to consider this the best team in Mississippi. The secondary is set up for a track meet with the Aggies this weekend, though.

  5. Georgia: Sloppy, ugly, mistake-prone and a criminal underuse of one the nation's best players, but you still suspect the Bulldogs can slog around and win 10 or 11 games.

  6. Ole Miss: Pass rush is brutal, linebackers are hitting machines, and the secondary is probably the best 1-4 in the conference. The offense is a liability that will cost a few games, beginning with the Quarterback, and beginning this week in Oxford.

  7. LSU: Oddly, the running game is still not on track. The defense is playing significantly better, which is a good thing with a freshman QB getting the nod this weekend at the ever-odd Jordan-Hare Stadium. Winning this game would be Peak Les Miles...which is why I think it happens.

  8. Arkansas: I know the Hogs have two losses, both in-conference and both in-division. There are a handful of teams that wouldn't have two losses versus Texas A&M and Auburn. This team's fronts are tremendous and the running game is vicious. Very tough out for everyone.

  9. Missouri Tigers: The East is now set-up for a huge UGA-Mizzou game in two weeks to determine the division. Too bad the Tigers draw Arkansas and Texas A&M out of the West, because the margin of error is slim here. Mauk had perhaps his worst game in a Tiger uniform, but Murphy seems a viable option at TB at least.

  10. South Carolina Gamecocks: Did the Tigers just have a bad game, or have the Gamecocks finally righted the ship on that side of the ball? I suspect it's the former, and I suspect Clemson, Auburn and even Tennessee are going to be a handful down the stretch.

  11. Tennessee Volunteers: Watching that game you see two things immediately: One, how good Butch is doing; and, two, how little in the pantry was left after the Dooley years. 2015 is still the results year. Not an easy out for anyone though, especially with the OL gelling and Jalen Hurd running like a man possessed.

  12. Florida: If anyone did not need a bye week, it was Florida. That team needed to put pads on again and get the dead weight off their shoulders. Coaching speculation, in-fighting over the QBs, coupled with a bad loss and an extra week to think it over, may have damaged this team's psyche. And, it's not like Muschamp instills much confidence in regaining it either. This season could spiral fast.

  13. Kentucky: Congratulations on breaking that horrific losing streak. Even better news on playing in the East, where a cadre of incomplete teams may let you get another!

  14. Vanderbilt: Seems to be finally developing an offense. It is, unsurprisingly, very reminiscent of ShawBall. The tremendous downside is that transcendent offensive lines aren't built at Vandy. I like the attitude and commitment to toughness, but the 'Dores are three years away from being able to back it up.