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Your Friday Hoodoo, Sweetheart, & Worry Index Thread │F-AU

It may be Florida Atlantic but there is much to Hoodoo about.


What exactly is a Hoodoo and Worry Index? You can find out here

FAU Worry Index Level: 1.5

Nick Saban


The only thing to fear is injuries and the bloodbath between #TeamCoker and #TeamSims if both guys play extremely well. #RIPRBRCommentSection

In all honesty, the game is a shoe-in for Alabama and FAU is here to pick up a pay check. What you want to see in a game like this is for improvement from game one (linebacker play and communication in the secondary) and for everyone, on both teams, to make it through the game unscathed.

Things to look for:

Outside of the QB battle, I'll be watching how Eddie Jackson plays at corner and if the offense is able to get O.J. Howard and Kenyan Drake involved.

Also, does the battle between Leon Brown and Alphonso Taylor continue at right guard?

BTW, if you didn't have a reason to love our Sweetheart before, maybe this will help.

Roll Tide