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Crimson, Whyte & Hunter Podcast | 09.05

Billy and David discuss Alabama football stuff and some other stuff too

Kevin C. Cox

I decided this week to give a little background of the show David and I are doing each week. We've been doing a weekly podcast since the middle of last football season where we talk about all things Alabama sports, but obviously mostly Alabama Football. If you have read anything we have written so far, we usually aren't very serious in how we discuss things Alabama Football related, so with the show we try to give a light-hearted approach along with some serious analysis.

As the two newest contributors to the site (literally joining a week after the rest of the new staff was announced), I understand we just kind of popped out of no where with the show and our "different" kind of content. We are hopeful our show and our writing will be a quality addition to RollBamaRoll along the side the great Calling All Gumps (which has the sexy voice of J Tadpole).

Once again we have two shows this week.

First up is our weekly show where we go over the Polls, Eddie Jackson, the Lane-Kiffin dynamic, and Conspiracy Theories:

Next we preview the Alabama/FAU game as we look at what Alabama needs to improve on and spend way too much timing talking about FAU backup Jason Driskel:

You can also listen to both shows and Calling All Gumps on IOS on this App.

This week's Fantasy Update:

David Crushed me 86.4 to 41.9 on the backs of T.J. Yeldon & Derrick Henry, and the leg of Adam Griffith.

In light of the DeAndrew White injury, I decided to drop D.J. Pettaway and add Chris Black, while David is dropping the $55,000 man himself Denzel Devall and adding Robert Foster.

David is up 1-0 on the season.

Last Week's Results

Landon's Calling (Billy)

O.J. Howard the Duck (David)

Amari Cooper 13 TJ Yeldon 26.7
Nick Perry 4 Derrick Henry 18.3
Blake Sims 12.2 Jonathan Allen 7
Reggie Ragland 3.5 A'Shawn Robinson 0
Jacob Coker 0 OJ Howard 0
Trey DePriest 0 Reuben Foster 4.5
Landon Collins 6 Adam Griffith 18
Kenyan Drake 0.7 DeAndrew White 7.3
DJ Pettaway 2.5 Christion Jones 3.1
Dillon Lee 0 Denzel Devall 1.5
TOTAL: 41.9 TOTAL: 86.4