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Recapping Saban's Post Game Press Conference

  • It's two firsts for Saban in this game. 1.  First time he's had a game called short due to weather. 2. First time he's beaten the media to the press conference (lots of laughs).
  • He's happy with the way the team competed in the game. Good intensity and focus.
  • Points to the mistakes made by the QB's: Wrong play called which caused a fumble, the mistake before half and the sack taken instead of taking the field goal.
  • Did mention poor tackling technique but mentions the defense played better.
  • Says he wanted to start the 2nd half like they would any game (or situation) but "they messed it up" (with the fumble). Note- Sims started the 2nd half.
  • Compliments the offensive line and says the way the offense is playing the OL doesn't have to block into 8 man boxes.
  • Talks a bit about the technology involved in determining whether Eddie Jackson was ready to play. They can gauge how explosive a player is after the surgery when compared to before.
  • Gets a question about the QB battle and how the fans have taken sides. "I don't really care what side they take. What matters is what side we take".
  • Christion Jones had a helmet to the ankle. Should be fine.
  • Compliments Trey DePriest had an immediate impact on less mental errors and overall confidence of the defense.
  • Hurry up/fast pace offense really helps the quarterback. Kiffn does a really good job of managing Blake and makes the calls easy for him early on in the game. Says they didn't really plan on going fast early in the game but you go faster when the first 15 plays are scripted.
  • Was happy with the way the offense moved the ball but we need to finish drives in the red zone.