B'ham BBQ Baseball Weekend !!! MARCH 20-22 !!!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

No, we're not BBQ'n baseballs. That would be stupid. We are however going to attempt to get a large gathering for a weekend in B'ham, basically to eat BBQ (or other foods if you so choose) and watch some baseball. In case you forgot Bama is playing home games in Hoover this year, and B'ham is a good central location so other SEC brethren can join the fun. That's right, this isn't just for Alabama fans, any of you can join. I know of at least one Florida fan that's already committed. Let's try to plan this thing rather quick so we can start making work, hotel, and ticket reservations.

Baseball faces off against Texas A&M in Hoover Mar 19-21

Softball takes on defending National Champion Florida Mar 21-23

Let's also start some discussion of other activities (namely eating and drinking) as well.

If someone more local would like to take the reigns on maybe doing a tailgate at either event on Saturday, I'm all for that. Otherwise, we can just provide revenue to any of the local restaurants y'all might suggest.

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